If You Order Papa John’s Pizza Right Now, You Could Win A Trip To New Zealand’s Donut Island, Because Life Is Good

papa john's donut island

Pizza and donuts — is there anything better? For those who may not know, there’s an island in New Zealand called Donut Island — and while it’s not covered in donuts (since that’s how I imagine it in my dreams) it’s a secluded area for rest and relaxation, and there’s probably a Dunkin’ somewhere nearby. Papa John’s has recognized how wonderful this tranquil location is, and has made it their goal to give pizza fans everywhere the opportunity to visit. The occasion? To help celebrate National Donut Day, which is on June 1st.

Here’s how to participate. All you need to do is purchase some donut holes from Papa John’s through their app in June. There should be an option to opt into the contest. And, yep — that’s it. If you had no clue that Papa John’s is now in the donut business, now you know.

The donut holes, which are coated in cinnamon sugar-coated and stuffed with a delicious caramel creme, are only going to be available for a limited time, so you’ll want to make sure to get your hands on some ASAP. Honestly, who knew Papa John’s was so infatuated with donuts?

Now here’s the fun part — details on the trip. Those who participate are in the running for an eight-day, seven-night trip for you and a loved one. All expenses will be paid, which makes it even sweeter of a deal.

Donut Island is also known as Whenuakura Island (but that name’s not as fun) and it’s a great destination for people who love kayaking and turquoise lagoons. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be your best vacation ever.

Even if you’re not fond of travel and just want the donuts, Papa John’s has you covered either way. On June 1st, they’re giving away free donut holes to everyone who orders a pizza through the app. Delish reports that throughout the rest of the month, the pizza chain will also run a promo that’ll give you free donuts with all two-pizza orders with the promo code ‘DONUT’.

Sounds like an offer no one can refuse!

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