Taco Bell’s New Watermelon Drink Is Going To Be All Over Instagram This Summer

watermelon freeze Taco Bell

Taco Bell always manages to surprise its fans with the coolest menu items. Even things that sound a little strange (like a taco shell made of chicken, for one) end up knocking it out of the park on taste and innovation. So really, it should come as no surprise that Taco Bell’s new watermelon drink, which has been released for summer, is way better than your standard slushie. Not only does it taste like a watermelon, but it looks like a watermelon — seeds and all.

The drink is called the Watermelon Freeze, and it comes in regular and large sizes. The regular is priced at $2.39 and the large is just 20 cents more. Taco Bell noted that they created the drink simply because it’s hard to have backyard barbecues without watermelon. Why not celebrate the summertime fruit in a drinkable form?

Here’s why the Watermelon Freeze should be your 2018 summer drink of choice — like a real watermelon, the drink has seeds. But unlike a real watermelon, those seeds are made out of glorious candy that you can eat. “You don’t have to worry about one of these seeds sprouting and growing a huge melon in your stomach,” Taco Bell states. Hey, they’ve got a point.

Also, the Watermelon Freeze is pretty much made for Instagram.

There’s only one Freeze from Taco Bell that might be even better than this — but sadly, it’s not yet available as a wide release. It’s called the Berry Frosé Twisted Freeze, and it’s currently being tested in Chicago and Newport Beach.

Like all of Taco Bell’s best products, the Watermelon Freeze will only be available for a limited time. You won’t want to press pause on grabbing one — especially because it’s the perfect way to beat the heat this summer.



If your fridge is currently filled with a big ol’ watermelon that you’re dreading to cut, we have a hot tip on the easiest way to slice a watermelon. You can find it in the video below.

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