Wendy’s Just *Had* To Jump In On The Feud Between McDonald’s And Burger King

fast food feud
fast food feud

If you’re on top of your fast food social media game (which you totally should be), you might have seen the feud between Burger King and McDonald’s that cropped up on November 4th. Weirdly enough, it all centered around Kanye West.

The rapper, who often allows himself to say whatever he wants on social media, made a comment that McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant. While West is incredibly talented, a few of his recent politically-charged actions might not make his endorsement very — well — appetizing.

Burger King, known for their quick and salty tweets (but flame-broiled flavor), is often great when a social media war takes place. Let’s just say, there’ve been more than a handful of interactions between the company and their competitors, livening up Twitter and making “fast food social media manager” even more of a dream job.

Both their American and U.K. Twitter accounts took action in responding to Kanye. The American Burger King account referenced his “eyes wide open” tweet in which he publicly stated that he no longer stood behind Trump (and possibly his song “Eyes Closed,” as well), which is important to remember while reading their comeback.

Burger King U.K. was equally funny.

But it seems like Wendy’s also chimed in. Wendy’s is always pretty sharp when feuding with others. Never forget the times they picked on McDonald’s for using frozen beef.

This time, they responded with a comment almost as confident as Kanye.

Even after fans tried to take them down, Wendy’s was cool as a cucumber with their response.

Who knew if Kanye had any idea that his simple comment would cause such a feud?

Even though fighting is never the answer, let’s give a pass for when fast food restaurants throw some shade — especially when Wendy’s gets involved.

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