This Is What Happened After One Woman Ate Only McDonald’s For A Week

mcdonald's diet

You’ve probably heard of the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, in which filmmaker Morgan Spurlock decides to eat McDonald’s for every meal, for 30 days, and has to “super size” his order whenever he’s given the option to. As a result, Spurlock gained almost 25 pounds that took him over a year to lose. His experiment probably deterred you from eating fast food for a while, but McDonalds has made some changes to its menu since the documentary was released. Specifically, they added their food’s calorie count to the menu.

While the documentary may have made audiences quesy, it didn’t stop one woman from experimenting.

Danielle Tullo decided to eat McDonald’s every day for a week and shared her experience on However, her results differed from Spurlock’s.

After a whole week of eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and about 8,290 calories later — Tullo didn’t gain a single pound. That’s right — there was no change!

She wrote, “I don’t believe in the scale, and I never weigh myself, but for the sake of this experiment, I did — and nothing changed. All together now, ready? (1) Fuck the scale. (2) Eat. Whatever. The. Hell. You. Want.”

Her diet that week consisted of coffee, milkshakes, chicken nuggets, and a whole lot of fries.

Yet, Tullo didn’t end up with the same health problems that Spurlock did (probably because she consulted a nutritionist beforehand).

Tullo’s experience is proof that the number on the scale is just a number, and if you want to treat yourself more often to some McDonalds (within reason, of course), you should feel free to do so without the guilt.

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