This Is Officially The Worst McDonald’s Customer

worst mcdonald's customers

If you’ve ever worked in food or retail, you’ve probably heard that the “customer is always right” — even though that’s not true. No matter what, if a customer gets violent or threatens you while you’re on the job, they’re in the wrong. And one McDonald’s customer in northwestern Seoul did exactly that. This viral McDonald’s moment is one you’ll have to see to believe.

In this video, the man becomes outraged after he thinks his food is coming out late. In response, he hurls the bag at the poor employee who gets hit in the face. Even though this is never the right response to late food, the man realized later that his order had been ready the whole time. He was just unaware.

Listen. In a world where fast food is perfect for a meal on-the-go, sometimes places get crowded. Based on the current traffic, and perhaps a miscommunication or two, there can often be a bit of a wait. But that doesn’t mean that anyone should resort to violence.

The good news is that the police got involved, and the employee is okay. According to The Star Online, he chose not to press charges, but asked for an apology, which the irate customer gave.

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The employee was reportedly offered therapy from McDonald’s, which is an incredible gesture from the company.

Still, even though this particular story has a happy ending, it should have never gotten out of hand to begin with. Just remember — if you ever have any questions about a fast food order, the best thing to do is kindly ask an employee for more information.

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