13 Brands That Go by Different Names in Other Countries

Different languages, existing trademarks, food definitions, all of these and more play a part in why brands may change their name in another country. How many do you recognize?

1. America calls them Cool Ranch…

Photo by Frito Lay

They love their ranch in the states, so it’s no wonder they made chips to reflect that.

…but they’re called Cool American elsewhere. 

Photo by Frito Lay

Lol. The Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland all call the chips by this peculiar moniker. I hope Dorito lovers don’t think all Americans actually taste like ranch. Only the cool ones do.

2. Bring on the Budweiser across America… 

Photo by Anheuser-Busch

This pale lager is an American staple thanks to the Anheuser-Busch bunch.

…but pick up a Bud in Europe. 


There was already a brand that went by Budweiser in Europe, so the American brand just shortened their own name to make everyone’s life easier.

3. Are you slurping on Campbell’s soup or…


The American brand that’s famous for soothing your sickness with its chicken noodle soup.

…sipping on some Batchelor’s?


A new company took over Campbell’s U.K. in 2007 and renamed it Batchelor’s. Same ingredients, just a different name.

4. Can I have a side of fries from Burger King?

The worldwide fast food chain where you can make it your way every time. Bow down to the king!

Might as well throw on some angry onions from Hungry Jack’s, too. 

The name Burger King was already taken in Australia, so it was changed to avoid confusion. Why Jack? Well, an Australian franchise was given a list of names to choose from and we all know what happened next.

5. I can eat an entire DiGiorno’s pizza…

Photo by Walmart

It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno! The American pizza will always have a pizza my heart.

…and a Canadian can do the same with Delissio. 


Canada takes their pizza very seriously by adding the extra exclamation point to their slogan!

6. Snap, crackle, pop! Cocoa Krispies! 

Photo by Kellogg's

The chocolate version of this cereal goes by several names, but how can you forget these famous mascots from the states?

Nothing tops Kellogg’s Coco Pops!

Photo by Kellogg's

Different mascot, same chocolatey goodness. Find this gem in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Make sure to grow big and strong with Choco Krispis!

Photo by Kellogg's

The elephant mascot version of this cereal can be found in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

7. What’s inside your Dove wrapper?


Thanks to the Mars company, America has been loving Dove and all their “Promises.”

Chocolate that is out of this Galaxy. 


This brand was first launched in the sixties until it was bought by Mars, Inc. in 1986. You can still find this chocolate yumminess in India and across the United Kingdom.

8. Dannon is not the original name…


The founders changed the name in the states to sound more American.

…but Danone is. 

Photo by Danone

The dairy brand was founded in Spain almost 99 years ago, Danone translates to “little Daniel” after the founders’ son.

9. A few variations of Kraft Mac & Cheese exist…


The cheesy name started off as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. America shortened the name to Kraft Mac & Cheese.

…including Kraft Dinner. 

Photo by Kraft

Canada, however, shortened the name the other way. Kraft Dinner is so popular up north that Kraft Dinner eventually became KD!

10. Lay’s actually goes by a plethora of different names in other countries…


Started in Ohio in 1932, Lay’s potato chips have been a worldwide showstopper ever since.

…You can find Walkers in Europe…


You can find the same chips in the U.K. but they go by Walkers. Pepsico, who owns Lay’s, bought out Walkers chips but kept the name to show loyalty to its European customers.

…and Sabritas in Mexico. 

Photo by Frito Lay

Again, Pepsico bought out the original brand but kept the name around for familiarity in Mexico and along the US-Mexican border.

11. Diet Coke is no joke, but…

Photo by Coca-Cola

In the United States, Diet Coke is the label for a sugar-free carbonated cola drink.

…Coca-Cola Light is the real deal. 


You will typically find Coca-Cola Light around the world since most countries do not use the word “diet” to label their food or drinks.

12. Three Musketeers here, but…


The American candy bar is a nougaty hit.

…Milky Way there. 


European grocers sell the same bar but are known as Milky Ways. Confused yet? Read on.

13. What some people know as a Milky Way…


Only known is America as a Milky Way, the caramel and nougat combination really takes the cake.

…others call it a Mars bar. 


However, the rest of the world knows this sugary snack as a Mars bar.

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