5 Clues You Have a Major Coffee Addiction 

This beverage, hot or cold, has to be the world’s most popular drug. The demand for coffee is rising every year amongst Americans. According to a study conducted at Villanova University, ninety percent of American consume caffeine at least once a day. Are you included in this ninety percent? If you can’t remember the last time you went a day without coffee, you might be addicted. Here are five clues you could have a major coffee addiction.

1.) Voices hurt. Even your favorite podcast is hard to listen to before a cup of coffee.


2.) You’re really forgetful in the morning. Have you ever forgotten to comb your hair, and suddenly remembered after you had a cup of coffee? A little too late.


3.) Your entire day is ruined if the barista makes a mistake on your order.


4.) You’re always lying about the number of coffees you’ve had in a day.


5.) If you haven’t had your cup of coffee first nobody at work likes you.


Are you addicted? 

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