These Are The 8 Best Baby Names Inspired By Delicious Desserts

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Even if you’re not currently expecting, baby names may be on your mind. It’s fun to think ahead about what you’ll be naming your future children, and whether or not those names will help them stand out from the rest. While a lot of these names haven’t hit the top 20 in popularity just yet, they might be on the rise soon. Why? Well, because they’re good reminders of some of the best candies, desserts, and sweets around.

Let’s give some credit where credit’s due. Back in May of 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose to name their firstborn daughter Apple. The name made quite a stir, as it was unique for a baby name. Yet looking back, it was kind of perfect — especially when you think of the phrase “apple of my eye.”

So it just goes to show that names have been evolving for quite a bit, and naming a baby after a food you adore isn’t necessarily a bad step to make. With some of these, you might not even associate some of the names with their food counterparts — they’re strong enough on their own.

Here are some of the best baby names inspired by delicious desserts:


It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Aside from being a fruit salad that typically includes pineapples and marshmallows (which, yum), it’s also a pretty name for a baby girl. According to, the name means “immortal” and is a good alternative for parents who like names like Aurora and Athena.


A popular castaway on Gilligan’s Island, Ginger is a sweet name that’s also a spice used in cooking and baking. Gingersnaps, gingerbread, the options are limitless. You don’t have to necessarily be a Spice Girls fan to appreciate the name, but it definitely helps. In 2018, BabyCenter listed it as being the 6,846th most popular. So it’s safe to say your sweet little Ginger will probably be the only Ginger in her class.


Reese is gaining a lot of popularity, likely for two reasons — actress Reese Witherspoon, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Just recently, a girl made the news for having the name of Reese E. Cupp, since her parents were so fond of the candy. Even if you prefer your Reese’s in Pieces, it’s still a cute moniker for either a baby boy or girl.


If you’re a chocolate fan (or a coconut fan), Coco may be the perfect name for your new baby. He or she can thank Coco Chanel, Coco Rocha, and Coco Arquette for making it a popular option. The 2017 Disney movie of the same name could have also helped. BabyCenter lists Coco as being the 993rd trending name of 2018, with a big increase in popularity this past year.


York is a strong name — that might be why Tyra Banks chose it for her son. But it’s also a good reminder of York Peppermint Patties, which are simply iconic candies that always manage to make an appearance in your trick or treat stash.


Graham has been a popular name for awhile, both for boys and girls. Graham Nash and Graham Norton are just two of the most popular Grahams in the world. But even though it’s well-known, your mind might first think of the obvious — graham cracker. Not only is it a timeless snack, but it’s essential for your summertime s’mores.


Heath Ledger was a wonderful actor with a name that truly fit him. The name reached peak popularity back in 1974, but gained some steam again in 2009. While Ledger is a talent worth naming babies after, you also might be inspired to choose it based on a love of Heath bars. The toffee and milk chocolate candy got its start back in 1914 and is still growing strong, currently as a popular choice for an ice cream flavor and frozen yogurt add-on.


You probably use it as a term of endearment — why not use it as a name as well? A  bit more daring than some of the other names on the list, Winnie the Pooh’s ultimate weakness can very well sum up the personality of a lovable baby girl. According to BabyCenter, it’s currently the 1,171st most popular baby name, with its peak popularity in 2005.

No matter what you name your bundle of joy, we’re sure they’ll be as sweet as pie.

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