But Really: Should You Use A Fork Or Spoon To Eat Mac ‘N Cheese?

mac and cheese

Macaroni and cheese.  The perfect food. Whether you prefer Kraft, Annie’s, the kind that’s shaped like dinosaurs, or your mom’s homemade recipe, mac and cheese will always have a place in everyone’s heart and everyone’s pantry. But just like how everyone has a preference for the type they like, people also have a preference for how to chow down. Is it better to eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon?

Turns out, it’s a debate that’s been around for several years. Good Housekeeping (via Delish) editor Sam Escobar tried to get the right answer with a Twitter poll, but the responses were a little harsh. Yes, the majority went with fork. And personally, that’s my preference as well. But a few people insisted that spoon was the way to go.

This wasn’t just a poll among buddies — per Escobar, 13,487 people participated in it, with 21% saying that the spoon was their preferred utensil. This is a little shocking. In my eyes, a spoon is only the correct answer if the only other things available were knives or my own hands. Maybe if the cheese is more liquid-y than expected.

One responder made an excellent point for fork, stating that you can’t recreate such fun works of art like this when eating mac and cheese with a spoon.

So, it seemed like back then, the fork was the clear winner. But the food fanatics over at Annie’s wanted to see if people’s minds have changed in 2018. Just recently, they released their own survey.

Their results were released to help celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, which took place on July 14th (but really should be celebrated always.) According to the New York Daily News for The Daily Mealtheir results stated that 71% of adults think that a fork is still the best way to eat mac and cheese. But the majority of parents with kids have admitted that a spoon is the least messy way to serve the dish.

Even though I’ll never understand the #TeamSpoon side, the most important thing to remember here is that we all love mac and cheese. Simply put, it helps bring us together — no matter how we choose to enjoy it.

Want to take your mac to the next level? Stuff it in your chicken! Follow So Yummy’s recipe here:

But you should probably use a fork AND knife for that one.

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