19 Cinco de Mayo Captions and Meme Ideas for Your Instagram

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Cinco de Mayo is all fun and celebrations until someone makes a (hopefully unintentional!) mistake and culturally appropriates the Mexican culture by saying something offensive or just downright racist. The worst is when it’s someone’s Instagram caption and you’re torn between calling them out in the comments or their DM, or just letting it go. TBH, I opt for scrolling past it and if I have a chance to see the poster in person, then I’ll casually mention it. We all mess up sometimes. But that’s all unnecessary and quite tiring if I’m being truthful. It’s really quite simple to make a fun relatable comment instead of going for the bottom of the barrel zingers.

Known as a day to gorge on tacos and tequila, Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture. I know I’ll be uploading some fuego pictures to Instagram with some even hotter Instagram captions. To help y’all out, take a look at these witty captions and memes, some that were even created by yours truly, that’ll have your foodie friends wishing they used.

Andale bebe, you have food to Instagram and captions to write! May the right filter be with you. ¡Que tengas mucha suerte! Have fun, eat well, and most importantly have a shot, or two, for me.

1. Hot sauce is my life.

2. Secure the bag.

Valentina Hot Sauce Bottles courtesy of Amazon.com

3. After your 5th trip to the chips and salsa bar.

4. Honestly…

5. When you slip into that food coma.

6. Ooohhh, burns so good.

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7. Exercise? I don’t know her.

8. Or if I run into a whole pan of flan.

9. It’s the thought that counts

10. Love = Hot Sauce.

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11. Accidents happen…

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12. When your first date is on Cinco de Mayo.

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13. Take your squad to the cantina .

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14. We all need motivation.

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15. Yo, the disrespect though…

16. I put my hand up in that quac.

17. Let’s be honest…

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18. Churros = Life.

19. It’s on everybody’s mind.

Have fun, and drink (and Instagram) wisely!

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