Here’s How Bartenders Trick You


I bet the bartender at your favorite bar is one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. Always excited to see you and provide the buzz and conversation you need to stay sane and employed. Many bartenders are ethical people and excellent at building cocktails. However, there are some common tricks that a few bartenders perform while on the job. If you notice a difference in your vodka and cranberry from bar to bar. There might be a tricky bartender in the loop.


Switching Preferred Liquor

This trick is dirty and hopefully, you never encounter it.  After a couple rounds of drinks, your palate could be slightly off. A tricky bartender could take advantage of this and serve a less expensive or diluted spirit to save the expensive ones. If you order a Grey Goose and cranberry, the bartender could pour a Svedka and cranberry. Would you notice the difference?


The High Pour

Do you love the flair of a bartender doing tricks when making your cocktail? The high pour is a common one. It makes the customer feel like they’re getting more alcohol. It’s all an illusion. When using a pour spout bartender’s are able to cut the pour off precisely everytime. Pours are generally measured by seconds. It may seem like more alcohol is given when coming from the high pour, but it’s not.


Taking Shots With You

Are you that person that loves to engage with the bartender. That’s wonderful, bartenders are usually very interesting, ranging from all walks of life. If the vibes are great and you decide you want to take a shot with them, that’s awesome. But, be cautious that this is against policy at most bar establishments. To spare your feelings most bartenders will perform a trick. They proceed to pour the shots. However, when your head tilts back the bartender is pouring their shot out.


Cutting You Off

Service by the bartender could be going great, then friction occurs when attempts to order that sixth round of tequila go unnoticed. If the bar isn’t busy and you notice evident ignoring of eye contact and hand waves; the bartender has cut you off. I’ll say this trick happens most frequently. The bartender will take the longest time to get to you in hopes that you give up and bounce.


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