There’s A Hidden Message In This Denny’s Pancake Tweet — Can You Find It?

denny's pancake tweet

If you’re not actively following Denny’s on Twitter, you might want to. Not only do they post tweets that’ll make you laugh, but they also post hidden messages in pancake pictures.

The original tweet was posted in 2017, but it’s making the rounds once again. That’s probably one of the reasons why Denny’s pinned it. They knew it was solid gold, but figured that it might get lost in your news feed. It’s a smart thing they did, too, since it’ll make you think way differently about the restaurant. Earlier, it was a family-friendly place to grab brunch with your grandmother. Now? It’s a company that’ll make you question life.

Aside from the Grand Slam, Denny’s Twitter feed has been the one to beat. As you know, fast food chains and restaurants have started interacting with each other online, really making food fans feel as if they need to pledge their loyalty. For example, remember when everyone made fun of IHOP for their big IHOb rebranding announcement? It likely inspired people to try to grab a job on the social media team for a big-name company. This tweet, in particular, took some thought to craft.

The tweet came out when “zoom in” memes were popular. From a normal view, it looks like a simple photo of pancakes.  But by looking closer, there’s a hidden message that requires you to view all angles of the picture.

First, you need to look at the syrup, which instructs you to take a look at the corners of the photo. More text is revealed there. Finally, viewers are asked to look at the butter. Which, not going to lie, looks delicious.

In white, you can make out the final message. It reads, “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol” — and for many, yes, it did!

The tweet was concocted with help from South Carolina-based agency Erwin Penland. In an interview with Denny’s CMO John Dillon, Dillon stated that the tweets properly represented the fun type of conversations you’d normally hear inside any Denny’s restaurant. “Our social media channels really are an online extension of the Denny’s booth,” he said to AdWeek.

He seems to know that the best way into a customer’s heart is with a witty Twitter feed. The pancakes don’t hurt, either.

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