Kylie Jenner’s Microwaved Pizza Lunchable Is Tearing The Internet Apart

Kylie Jenner pizza lunchables

Can we talk about Lunchables for a little bit? Eating Lunchables was pretty much the dream back in elementary school. It gave you so much control, at a time when you had little of it. Would you eat the turkey slices alone, or make a cracker sandwich with them? Would you eat your pizza with or without pepperoni? There was no right answer — the world was simply yours. And even though the pre-packed lunch meant freedom, it’s still a little unsettling to see what Kylie Jenner did to her Lunchables pizza.

Let’s go back in time and talk history for a bit. Lunchables were originally designed in 1988 as a way for Oscar Mayer to market bologna to kids.

The concept was a hit for busy moms who could easily throw a pack in a lunchbox for their kids to eat at school. Twenty-six different varieties of Lunchables followed.

So first, props to Jenner for rocking Lunchables well before baby Stormi’s on solids, proving they’re not just for kids. Jenner has the means to eat whatever she wants for lunch, so opting for a childhood favorite is pretty cute. On her Instagram Story, she first asked her fans if they prefer their Lunchables hot or cold. Interesting, since kids at school don’t get that option — that is, unless their cafeteria has a microwave they’re allowed to use.

There’s just something that seems so wrong about microwaving a pizza Lunchable, but hey — nobody should be telling Jenner how to live. Now, Ellios? Or Mama Celeste? Sure — throw that thing in there.

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As you can imagine, the internet also has their opinions — and they’re not afraid to share ’em.

If Kylie Jenner ever invites you over for pizza, of course you’ll say yes. Her shining presence will make up for the fact that the pizza may very well be Lunchables thrown in the microwave.

If you’re out of Lunchables and want another fun snack for your lunchbox, why not try one of our lunchbox desserts?

They’re easy, portable, and so yummy.

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