People Are Tipping 100% On Their Restaurant Bills Because Of The #TipTheBill Challenge

tip the bill challenge

If you’re a server, it’s always nice to get a generous tip — usually, it means that you provided exemplary service throughout the night. But you probably don’t expect to get 100 percent (the norm is between 15 and 20 percent). That might change soon, all thanks to a social media challenge that’s helping waitstaff realize their true worth.

It’s called #TipTheBill, and people have been sharing the receipts of what they’ve given and received. The reason why this is going viral is because there’s a lot of debate regarding waitstaff wages. A lot of times and in a lot of states, servers are paid an unlivable amount per hour and have to get by on tips. Sometimes, those tips are all pooled together and split up between servers, bussers, and bartenders. Sadly, it’s widely assumed that waiters can be paid poorly due to the amount of tips they receive (it can seem like a lot, right?), but obviously, that may not be the case. Oftentimes, even exceptional restaurant service leads to a waiter being stiffed. It’s hard to depend on customers to do the right thing when bills need to be paid regardless.

According to Food & Wine, the movement is hoping to establish a standard minimum wage for all servers. The conversation is definitely making the issue more visible.


The hashtag initially started back in March, but is finally starting to pick up a little bit of speed. For those who are able to afford the 100% tip, it’s a nice reminder to show your waiter that they are appreciated. It also might help make up for other non-tippers. No matter what, it’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Here are some examples that have been shared on Twitter:

Even though the internet approves of the movement, there are a few people who feel like the employer should be the one forking over the money.


Others think it’s an excuse for those with money to subtly brag about it if they post their own receipt. Still, even though it’s a “trend,” it makes people aware of how little servers are actually paid. Plus, it’s a reminder that a random act of kindness can go a long way and really make someone’s day. Who doesn’t like a pat on the back for a job well done?

Don’t forget to leave a tip, even if you’re in a rush. Use this tip calculator for a quick calculation!

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