Here’s What Kind of Pizza You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

myers-briggs pizza

Chances are you know your zodiac sign, and thanks to us you might even know which French fry you’d be based on your sign, but do you know what your personality type is? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test based on the research of famous psychologist Carl G. Jung’s theory of psychological types. The test divides people into 16 different letter-combination categories based on four overarching areas of preference (Extraverted “E” vs. Introverted “I”, Sensing “S” vs. Intuition “N”, Thinking “T” vs. Feeling “F”, Judging “J” vs. Perceiving “P”). We find it to be freakishly accurate and pretty darn insightful!

People all over the world use the MBTI to discover more about who they are and why they do the things they do. In fact, many companies use the test for corporate placement, and it’s often used as a career counseling metric. We decided to use it for something a little less high stakes, so we came up with 16 different pizza types you’d be based on your personality type. Our purposes may be slightly less impactful on the future of your entire life, but when it comes to fun with food, we don’t mess around. If you don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can take the test here and then read on to find out which slice suits you.

INTJ — Build Your Own Pizza


Known as the “architect,” you always have a vision for exactly what you want and know exactly how to execute it. In fact, you’ve probably tested which flavor combinations and which ratio of ingredients is best suited for your refined palate. Prosciutto, goat cheese, and fig marmalade on a thin Neapolitan crust? Yes, please! Only the best ingredients will do, preferably seasonal and artisan, and absolutely no sharing. You want a perfectly crafted personal pizza to enjoy in peace and quiet.

INTP — Hawaiian Pizza


INTPs are unconventional and rarely preoccupied with what other people think. Just like Hawaiian pizza, you’re both parts salty and sweet, a little “out there,” and ultimately a tried and true classic that somehow just… works. While most people would never dream of combining pizza, pineapple, and ham, you’re an innovator who’s bold enough to take a calculated risk.

ENTJ — New York-Style Pizza


You’re the boss, ENTJ, and that’s that. Let there be no confusion about which pizza reigns supreme — it’s N.Y.C. by the slice. You’re someone who knows how to take charge and doesn’t put up with any nonsense. Likewise, N.Y.C. pizza is thin, sharp, and to the point with its crispy thin crust and generous portion size. No need to fuss with crazy toppings or stuffed crust. Just hand over the best slice in town and keep it movin’, pal.

ENTP — Pizza Dipped in Ranch Sauce


Ever the devil’s advocate, ENTPs will ask the hard-hitting questions of life. Like, does pizza and ranch sauce go together? Well, why not! In your world, every risk is a new adventure to embrace and every new flavor combo is worth exploring if only for the fun of it. Ranch not your thing? That’s cool, too. With an ENTP’s uncanny ability to see all sides of the situation, you’re rarely one to get flustered arguing over pizza. There are much greater issues you’ll gladly debate.

INFJ — Supreme “Everything” Pizza


Its got sausage, its got pepperoni, its got veggies, its got everything you could want on a pizza, plus some olives thrown in too. There’s something on this pizza for everyone, and everyone is exactly who an INFJ wants to please. Why fight over pizza toppings when you could just have ALL THE TOPPINGS!!! Ultimately, you’d be a pizza that cares less about what’s on it, and more about what the person who’s eating it wants to be on it. As long as everyone’s happy, you’re happy.

INFP — Vegan Pizza


You are pure of heart and highly guided by your principles. You need a pizza that’s just as good for the environment as it is good-tasting. As one of the most compassionate and altruistic personality types, you’d be heartbroken if any animals were harmed in the making of this product. We’re talking cruelty-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free… you know what, why not just make the whole pizza free? Wouldn’t that be nice?

ENFJ — Cheese Pizza


Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE loves you — just like everyone loves cheese pizza. In fact, we aren’t sure what’s warmer and gooier: melted cheese or an ENFJ? Super charismatic and impossible to resist, an ENFJ is popular amongst almost everyone for exactly who they are — a classic crowd-pleaser and trail-blazer.

ENFP — Buffalo Chicken Pizza


When we think of fun, we think ENFP. In fact, we are pretty sure the “F” actually stands for fun. You are free-spirited and feisty, just like a zippy hot buffalo sauce. Nothing goes together better than buffalo chicken wings and pizza, so what could be better than buffalo chicken pizza? It’s unique and full of flavor, just like you are!

ISTJ —  Neapolitan Pizza

True pizza purists know there is nothing better than a simple marinara, fresh sliced mozzarella, and hand-torn basil to make for a perfect wood-fired pizza. It’s the way they’ve been doing it since the invention of pizza itself, and an ISTJ knows that practice makes perfect. In matters of pizza, and in matters of life, integrity is essential. You know you can depend on this pizza to taste great every time, just like we can depend on you, ISTJ.

ISFJ —Chicago Deep Dish


Mama mia! Pizza doesn’t get more hearty and comforting than a Chicago-style deep dish. The layers of meaty tomato sauce and cheese packed into a thick-crusted pie pan make us think of the casseroles our aunties would bring over for dinner. ISFJs are the most nurturing of the personalities types, and like a Chicago deep dish, they just want to give you a giant hug from the inside and make sure you’re well-fed, sweetie.

ESTJ — Sausage and Mushroom


Sausage and mushroom pizza ticks all the boxes for satisfying junk foods, and no one loves ticking boxes more than an ESTJ. You’re decisive and to the point, but far from boring. Since sausage and mushroom is a notoriously favorite yet still unexpected topping, it lets you be fun and adventurous, but in a safe, methodical way. Taking the guesswork out of a situation is an ESTJ’s favorite pastime.

ESFJ — Pepperoni Pizza


If pizza had a homecoming king, it’d definitely be pepperoni. In high school, ESFJs were the cheerleaders and quarterbacks of the group. Fiercely dedicated, social butterflies, and wildly popular. Let’s not mince words here — there’s a reason why everyone thinks you’re so great. You’re the full package, just like pepperoni pizza, a go-to when wanting to add some kick to jazz up a slice. When we’re in a pinch for a quick bite, a hot slice of pepperoni pizza will always come through to save the day and we know you will too, ESFJ.

ISTP — Homemade Pizza


ISTPs aren’t afraid to get in there and get their hands dirty. To you, making the pizza and throwing the dough around is just as much fun as eating it. You love seeing something through from conception to execution and are endlessly curious about how the world around you works. Leave it to an ISTP to experiment with different dough recipes until they find that perfect hack for an extra crispy crust. We like to think there’s no problem pizza can’t solve, and an ISTP is definitely Mr. (or Mrs.) Fix-It.

ISFP — Anchovy Pizza


Is it weird? Is it risky? Is it a little controversial? If so, then ISFP is probably all over it. You’re always down to try something new, and the anchovy pizza is no exception. As an extremely sensory and tactile type, you love bold flavors and aesthetics. It may seem extreme to others, but the risk-taker in you just can’t resist going against the norm and trying this pungent pizza. You’re a true artist, and all artists know they must suffer (and experiment) for their work.

ESTP — Sushi Pizza

Yaaaaaawn. Pizza is so last year. It’s all about Sushi Pizza these days, and you’re all about what’s #ontrend. ESTPs live for dramatic changes and fun new concepts. They’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, and sushi pizza might just be the cool new kid on the block everyone will be going crazy for this year thanks to you. Your charismatic charm and boundless curiosity make you quite the trailblazer, much like this innovative sushi pizza.

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