This Pregnant Woman’s Receipt Instructions Are Borderline Scary

pregnant woman receipt

It goes without saying that pregnant mothers know a thing or two about food cravings. Just ask anyone who has ever created an actual baby in their own body. While you’re at it, ask their friends, family, and anyone else who has been put in charge of fulfilling those food cravings. I mean, when a pregnant mama wants three jelly doughnuts, a breakfast sandwich, and ice cream with a side of pickles… you best be ready to make her wishes come true.

But what about food aversions during pregnancy? Well, those are just as important! And according to a hilarious receipt shared by Reddit user elmandingus, some folks totally get it — especially when it involves sesame seeds.

The receipt is for takeout from a sushi restaurant. Elmandingus placed the order for their wife, who wanted nothing to do with sesame seeds. So elmandingus left instructions for each food item, and they’re pure gold.

Under the order for a side of steamed rice, it says, “No sesame seeds. She’s preggo and she can sense fear.” (Hah!) The receipt also lists a teriyaki chicken plate with steamed rice and mixed veggies. Here, the corresponding comment reads, “NO SESAME SEEDS ON ANYTHING PLEASE.”

There’s also an order for two California sushi rolls, which is accompanied by the following note: “For the love of God, no sesame seeds on anything please. We beg you.”

So yeah, something tells us that this mama-to-be doesn’t want sesame seeds.


She’s said absolutely NO sesame seeds. from r/funny

Like, zero sesame seeds. None. Zilch. Nada.


As you can imagine, the receipt gave other Reddit users a good laugh.


Besides, it’s totally true that pregnant mothers can sense fear…


You simply don’t want to mess with them.


The post prompted other mothers to share their own food aversions during pregnancy.


Every pregnancy is different, after all.


Pregnancy cravings and aversions are very real.


Some husbands of pregnant women shared their experiences as well.


That’s not to say pregnant mamas are the only one with food aversions, though.


It’s pretty common to despise a specific ingredient.


Unsurprisingly, several Reddit users wanted to know what happened after the order was placed.


Some had a hunch that the restaurant didn’t listen and added sesame seeds anyway.


However, the original poster confirmed that the restaurant followed through. Phew!


So, if you don’t want a certain ingredient in your order…


…take a tip from this Reddit post and use that comment box to your advantage.

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