Spice Up Your Life: What Your Favorite Spice Girl Says About the Food You Like

Thanks to their women empowerment anthems and their charming, unique personalities, the Spice Girls became legends. They are even rumoured to be performing at a certain royal wedding. Read below to see what your favorite Spice Girl says about the food you eat.


If Ginger Spice was your favorite, you enjoy home cooked, comfort food. Ginger Spice was always so warm and inviting and loved to have a good conversation. Bring on the mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and hours of friends.


Sporty Spice was obviously given the athletic aesthetic, but it wasn’t too far from her enthusiastic personality and iconic voice. If she was your fave you’re definitely health conscious and enjoy a good kale smoothie and acai bowl. Since you were always on-the-go, something portable is the way to do it.


Posh Spice went on to build a fashion empire, which further proves that her character stayed completely true to who she really is. She was a little bougie, a tad bit cold, but still completely lovable which made her my fave. If Posh was your fave you’re definitely into sushi and sashimi, but you’d never turn down a warm bowl of ramen.


Baby Spice was kind and sweet, but super smart and talented. She wore pink and short fluffy dresses and if she was your favorite you definitely ate your dessert before dinner. You often have an emergency lollipop or candy bar in your bag to satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you needed.


Scary Spice was animalistic and feisty. She was proud and loud and always spoke her truth. If Scary was your favorite, you have a taste for fire. You order the number 4 or 5 spicy and you don’t give up when it gets too much. You ordered what you wanted and you’re going to damn well finish it, mama didn’t raise a quitter.

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