31 “Vintage” Starbucks Frappuccinos We Completely Forgot About

vintage Frappuccinos

It was the summer of 1993. Starbucks had less than 300 stores across the U.S. and Canada (which is nothing compared to the 24,000 spots the coffee conglomerate currently has across the globe). Southern California store managers noticed that other coffee shops were adding blended beverages to their menus, so they began trying it out themselves.

By 1994, the blended beverage — which they started calling a “Frappuccino” (after buying The Coffee Connection, which came up with the name) — completely took off. And in 1995, Starbucks officially launched the first Frappuccino blended beverage in flavors Coffee and Mocha.

By 1996, the Frappuccinos were being bottled and sold.

And in 1999, the Caramel Frappuccino made its debut alongside Starbucks’s green straw and domed lid.

Though Starbucks’s Frappuccino had humble beginnings, it has amassed quite the collection of flavors. Currently, they sell Java Chip, Matcha Green Tea, S’Mores, Mocha, White Chocolate, and more — but what about the flavors from years past?

In 2019, what is considered a vintage Starbucks Frappuccino?

To find out, we did some digging into Starbucks’s archives and compiled a list of “vintage” Frappuccinos that are no longer available on the chain’s menu.

1. Strawberries and Creme

In 2002, Starbucks released its first Frappuccino that didn’t contain coffee or tea. These were known as Frappuccino Blended Crème beverages. Alongside Vanilla Bean, Double Chocolate Chip, and Chai Creme (which are all still available) was the Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino.

It was a light pink darling made of strawberries, milk, ice, and a touch of whipped cream on top.

Alongside the other three Frappuccinos released that year, we can’t imagine why Strawberries and Creme didn’t make the final cut.

2. Mocha Coconut

The Mocha Coconut Frappuccino was originally released in 2002, brought back in 2011, and brought back once again in 2015, according to Delish. The drink, which has since been discontinued, was made with:

Blended coffee, coconut syrup, mocha sauce, milk, whipped cream, a mocha drizzle, and chocolate flakes, according to Starbucks.

While this beauty is no longer with us, one can safely assume it will make a comeback — since it has made two already.

3. Franken Frappuccino

In 2014, Starbucks got spooky with their Franken Frappuccino.

Per Foodbeast, this drink contained white mocha, peppermint syrup, Green Tea Frappuccino, java chips, and whipped cream.

Though it made for a Frankenstein green-colored drink, there wasn’t anything particularly scary about it — especially when you compare it to the Halloween drinks Starbucks began releasing the following year.

4. Frappula Frappuccino

2015 brought with it a drink that makes us shudder. “The fang-tastic beverage is made with a layer of mocha sauce and a dollop of whipped cream on the bottom,” states Starbucks’s press release.

“White chocolate mocha sauce, milk, and ice blended together are then layered on top, while a drizzle of strawberry puree oozes from the rim.”

“The beverage is finished with whipped cream on top.” In other words, the drink looks as though it was bitten by a vampire and is now oozing blood. Drink if you dare!

5. Strawberry Shortcake

Alongside the Frappula Frappuccino, a… less sinister beverage was released.

We’re referring to the Strawberry Frappuccino, which was created to celebrate the end of summer. It contains a blend of:

Strawberries, hazelnut syrup, strawberry juice, vanilla bean, milk, ice, and whipped cream, and culminates in a beverage that’s the perfect shade of pink.

Though it has been discontinued, it still makes us wish that summer would last forever.

6. Cinnamon Roll

2015 was a big year for the blended coffee drink, and that’s because it was the 20th anniversary of the Starbucks Frappuccino. In honor of this momentous occasion, the company released six new Frappuccino flavors at one time, and Cinnamon Roll was amongst them.

According to Starbucks, it included coffee, cinnamon dolce syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce, vanilla bean, whipped cream, and a cinnamon dolce sprinkle.

“Sweet and spicy… that’s how we roll,” states the company, taking the opportunity to make a perfect pun.

7. Cupcake

The Cupcake Frappuccino also came along for the ride in 2015. “It was decent!” wrote Bustle writer Jamie Primeau.

“Less exciting than that limited-edition birthday cake Frappuccino though, since there isn’t any pink whipped cream involved.”

Though it didn’t come with pink whipped cream, this drink did include Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino, hazelnut syrup, and whipped cream. Looking back, we think they should have included cake slices or some sprinkles on top.

8. Vanilla Spice

This Frapp was released in January 2013, but it didn’t last long. The Vanilla Spice Frap was like the sophisticated, adult version of a Vanilla Bean Crème.

According to the coffee chain’s website, it was coffee blended with cardamom syrup, milk, and ice.

The delicious drink was then topped with sweetened whipped cream and vanilla spice.

9. Lemon Bar

We imagine this Frappuccino was either hit or miss, since lemon tends to be a flavor you really hate or really love — especially when it’s in dessert form. Starbucks described the 2015 anniversary-edition treat as,

“A sweet and sour mix that brings lemonade and vanilla together.”

“Finished perfectly with whipped cream and a caramel sugar sprinkle. When life gives you lemons, sip this… upside-down?”

We’re not exactly sure what that last question is trying to imply, but we’re still here for it.

10. Red Velvet Cake

They had a hard time justifying this one. “As is with the problem with so many red-velvet-flavored things, the Red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino didn’t have a very distinct flavor, though the chocolate chips blended in for a nice textural finish,” concluded PopSugar writer Hedy Phillips in 2015.

They’re referring to the fact that the blended drink features mocha sauce, chocolate chips, raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup, and whipped cream.

So we can see why it would be hard to pick out a single distinct flavor.

11. Birthday Cake

Finally, the drink we’ve all been waiting for: the Birthday Cake Frappuccino! To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Starbucks also released this sweet pink drink, which they re-released in 2016 to honor their 21st anniversary.

Yes — with vanilla bean, hazelnut, and pink whipped cream — it was so good that they had to release it two years in a row.

I mean, the Instagrams alone would be worth it.

12. Caramel Waffle Cone

2016 brought with it the Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino. “When you think of waffle cones in an ice cream shop, it’s that aroma of the caramelized brown sugar and butter that draw you in,” said Maretta Delacruz, who’s on the Starbucks beverage development team.

“We used these aromas as our inspiration to capture the flavor of the new Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino.”

To make this ice cream dream into a reality, Starbucks blended waffle cone-flavor syrup, dark caramel sauce, coffee, milk, and ice, topping the drink with whipped cream, waffle cone pieces, and more dark caramel. Delicious. 

13. Pokémon Go

Starbucks knows a trend when they see one, and Pokémon Go was no exception. Back in 2016, users were able to locate a Starbucks store in the game, which is where they could discover a beverage filled with:

Raspberry syrup, freeze-fried blackberries, Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, and whipped cream.

Now, all we have is one question: If this drink were a Pokémon, which Pokémon would it be?

14. Tiramisu

Yes, there was actual cake in this one. The Tiramisu Frap, according to Delish, is created with a mascarpone cheese and egg base, which is then blended with coffee-soaked sponge cake.

Excuse us, we’re drooling.

The Frappucino was then topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate powder. When the Frap was introduced in February 2015, they even came with an extra-wide straw so you could suck up those cake bits.

The Frapp came back for a limited time in Spring 2019, but only in Japan.


15. Fruitcake Frappuccino

We hate to be the ones to tell you, but Starbucks did the unthinkable in December 2016. With Hazelnut Crème Frappuccino, dried fruit spiced with cinnamon, whipped cream, caramel dots, and a sprinkle of matcha, Starbucks’s Fruitcake Frappuccino was born.

Brand Eating writes,

“The dried fruit seems to be taken from their oatmeal offering and consists mostly of raisins and cranberries, as far as I can tell.”

“The blender they use for the Frappuccino doesn’t successfully dice the dried fruit into small enough pieces, so I found myself struggling to drink it through the straw quite frequently.”

Welp. There’s a reason why the drink hasn’t made a comeback.

16. Caramel Flan

This Frapp tasted just like the gelatinous dessert. Available for a limited time in December 2014 and again in February 2015, the Caramel Flan Frappucino was a sweet and salty combo.

According to Starbucks’s website, the drink was made by taking blended coffee and mixing in caramel flan syrup and milk.

They topped it with caramel-infused whipped cream and caramel flan drizzle.

17. Caramelized Honey

This 2016 drink sounds like pure decadence. We say that because it contains a caramel honey sauce that has been slowly cooked for 45 minutes.

That gets added to milk, ice, and a bold espresso roast, which is then topped with honey sugar sprinkles and whipped cream.

Starbucks says that it will “truly take you to the land of milk and honey,” and based on the drink ingredients alone, we fully believe them.

18. Cherry Blossom

Taking a page from Starbucks Japan’s book, the company began offering the beverage in the U.S. in 2016. To honor Japan’s cherry blossom festivals, the company actually started offering the beverage in 2010 in Japan.

So it took six years for them to realize that America would also like to give the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino a taste.

It contains strawberries and cream, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a matcha drizzle, and a sprinkle of matcha powder, and sounds like the perfect way to usher in the spring season.

19. Caffè Espresso

This is pretty much your standard frap, but with one exception: the whipped cream was espresso-infused. It also included an Italian roast drizzle.

Serious coffee lovers miss this one.

The drink was available for a brief time during Spring 2014.

20. Blackberry Green Tea

This one sounds like it was… unique. In 2006, Starbucks was going buckwild with its Frap flavors. They offered the Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino, which was made with the Green Tea Crème Frap base you can still get today.

The only – and critical – difference?

This one came with blackberry syrup drizzled over the whipped cream. People are still pining for Starbucks to bring this early aughts staple back.

21. Unicorn

What does a unicorn taste like, you ask? Well, if Starbucks knows what they’re talking about, the magical creature tastes like a crème Frappuccino, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle, vanilla whipped cream, and sweet pink and sour blue topping.

Back in 2017, Starbucks released this drink and it was an instant hit, appearing on Instagram feeds everywhere.

That’s mainly because the vibrant drink would change color as you stirred its contents.

22. Christmas Tree

In December 2017, a Christmas miracle happened in the form of the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. Starbucks announced the drink by stating,

“Featuring festive flavors of the season, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino starts with a Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino…”

“…topped with a majestic Matcha whipped cream ‘tree’ that is decorated with caramel drizzle garland, candied cranberry ornaments and finished with a strawberry tree topper.”

Yes, they said strawberry tree topper. 

23. Zombie

Much like the Frappula Frappuccino, the Zombie Frappuccino was a beverage that gave us goosebumps. That’s because it was meant to mimic a zombie’s brain with its pink whipped cream and red mocha drizzle.

Inside the “zombie body,” the drink included Frappuccino® Crème, tart apple, and caramel.

As someone who has actually tried the drink IRL, I can safely say that I do not want it to rise from the grave.

24. Cotton Candy

The six drinks they released in 2015 were apparently inspired by the store’s loyal customers. So in addition to the Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino, Starbucks also created the Cotton Candy Frappuccino.

According to their website, this drink was made with raspberry syrup, Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino, and whipped cream.

So basically, it’s a Raspberry-Vanilla Frappuccino and honestly, we’re not mad at it.

25. Horchata

Thankfully, the Horchata Frappuccino was released in 2017 to balance out the destruction caused by the Zombie Frappuccino. Made with almond milk, the drink features Starbucks Horchata Almondmilk Frappuccino, coffee, ice, and cinnamon dolce syrup.

To make the drink their own, Starbucks added whipped cream, cinnamon-sugar sprinkles, and a caramel swirl.

Sounds like a drink that would taste great both hot and cold.

26. Caramelized Honey

In March 2016, Starbucks introduced this decadent latte and frappuccino line. It was a seasonal flavor meant to bridge the gap between Winter and Spring.

It had slow-cooked caramel honey sauce.

And fans say it was their absolute favorite. Who could say no to a delicious honey-caramel-coffee-milk-combo?

27. Berry Prickly Pear

This is one drink we never expected to see on the Starbucks menu. In June 2017, just in time for summer, the drink was created to include mango Frappuccino blended Crème, strawberry and prickly pear fruit puree, and berry prickly pear fruit puree.

“Prickly pear has a similar taste to tropical melon and berry, and we found that it pairs really well with strawberries,”

said Jennica Robinson, who works on Starbucks’s beverage development team. “This Frappuccino is made without whipped cream, so the fruit flavors and bright colors really shine through.”

28. Mango Pineapple

This sounds like the perfect tropical, summer treat. To accompany 2017’s Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccino, Starbucks also unveiled the Mango Pineapple Frappuccino…”

“…which contains mango Frappuccino blended Crème and layers of mango-pineapple pure, which gives the drink a fun, fruity look that captures the essence of summertime.”

Of this drink, Jennica Robinson said, “The mouthwatering fruit puree forms ribbons of bright color throughout the Frappuccino, creating creamy and fruity layers of flavor as you sip the beverage.”

29. Midnight Mint Mocha

To close the chapter on our “vintage” Starbucks drinks — we thought 2018 might be too soon — we have the Midnight Mint Mocha, which was released in 2017.

According to Starbucks, it includes coffee, milk, ice, extra-dark cocoa, cooling mint sugar crystal, and whipped cream.

Sounds like the perfect drink for someone who likes to stock up on Thin Mints during Girl Scout Cookie season.

30. Caramel Cocoa Cluster

Back in 2016, Starbucks brought this fan favorite back for a little while to celebrate National Caramel Day. It’s a blend of toffee nut syrup, coffee, milk, which is topped with whipped cream, mocha sauce, and caramel sauce.

The frap reappears every once in a blue moon.

So keep your eyes peeled if this is one of your favorite fraps.

31. Chestnut Praline

This one usually comes back around the holiday season, but there have been a few winters were folks were seriously missing this festive treat. It was first offered in 2014.

The frap was full of spices, the flavor of caramelized chestnuts, and spice praline crumbs.

Do you think Santa can help us get this one year-round?

Which one of these vintage Frappucinos do you miss most?

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