Alert: Reese’s Is Majorly Changing The Size Of Their Chocolate Cup

reese's cups

We’re big proponents of the philosophy “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” So, needless to say, we’re a bit put off by Hershey’s decision to shrink the size of its Reese’s Cup. According to Insider, the new Cups are going to be almost half the size of the original and will go by the name “Reese’s Thins.”

“This product is about 40% thinner than the original cup, and it appeals to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility,” said Michele Buck, Hershey North America’s president, per Insider.

This new version, which will be sold alongside the old classic, will be available in both milk and dark chocolate varieties, and will reportedly hit shelves in March of 2019.

Hershey’s introduction of Reese’s Thins is just one of several revamps the company is making to the Reese’s brand in order to improve sales. Back in May, Hershey’s released Reese’s Outrageous, a chocolate and peanut butter bar jam-packed with caramel and Reese’s Pieces.

The Hershey company also recently announced a new addition to the Hershey’s Kisses line — Hot Cocoa Kisses, due out on November 1st. This is the first new Kiss flavor to be introduced in ten years, and will join the original Kiss and Candy Cane Kisses in stores for the holiday season.

The brand revamp is matched with higher prices on Hershey’s products. The candy company hopes to balance out higher production costs by slightly increasing the price of its goods.

Although the Reese’s Thins will be 40% less than the original Cups in size, they may end up costing the same, if not a wee bit more.

Obviously, we won’t be haters. We’ll give Reese’s Thins their fair shot. We may just have to eat a couple of them to feel like we’ve had enough chocolate and peanut-buttery yumminess.

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