A Coca-Cola Spill Flooded An Entire Neighborhood — The Photos Are CRAZY

coca-cola spill

What’s worse, an oil spill or a Coca-Cola leak? After seeing footage from a Coca-Cola spill that flooded several blocks of an El Paso, Texas neighborhood, we honestly can’t say. At about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2nd, emergency responders were called in to deal with a Coca-Cola spill at a local vending facility. The spill was so intense that responders had to shut down several roads to contain the sludge, according to local station KFOX14.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to cause such a drastic outpouring of soda onto the streets. Some locals told KOAA News they thought the Coke was bubbling up through the drainage system. Gross.

Unsure of how exactly to go about cleaning up such a mess, crews resorted to throwing dirt into the Coca-Cola in order to make it sludgier, and in theory, easier to remove. However, on Wednesday, April 3rd, one member of the cleanup crew told KOAA that they’re keeping the spill contained, but it’s up to the plant to handle the actual cleanup.

Outlets are also unsure of when the cleanup process will be completed. Judging by the pictures shared by KFOX14 reporter Keenan Willard, the plant has quite the job ahead of them.

It’s basically just a tar pit of fermenting Coca-Cola. One poor bird landed in the muck and got trapped.

Thankfully, our bird friend was rescued by a kind soul unafraid of getting his feet wet. Give this man a medal.

Honestly. Where’s the Dawn when you need it?

The bird is like, “Get me the heck out of this hell hole.” We feel you, bird. We feel you.

And while crews figure out how to rid their streets of this mess, the internet is providing the humor to get them through the dark times. We’re not sure if joking helps, but at least it lightens the mood, right?

Oh lord. Now *that* would be a disaster.


When life gives you lemons… make a rum and Coke.

Can we get a what what? Chrissy Teigen: what what!


The acidity will do wonders for the streets of El Paso. The blacktop will be squeaky clean by the time the cleanup crew is finished.

Someone definitely took this slogan too seriously. Come on, people.

Anyone want some free Coca-Cola? All you have to do is slurp it up from the street!

No? Okay, you’re loss.


In all seriousness, we hope El Paso is recovering from this sticky situation. No one should ever cry over spilled Coca-Cola.

But when it becomes a mucky, sludgy mess like it has, it’s definitely okay to shed a couple tears in frustration. We know we would.


Stay strong, El Paso. And definitely stay away from that Coke-splosion if you can.

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