This Seemingly Innocent Cookie Has Become Part Of The “War On Christmas”

war on Christmas gingerbread cookie

If you celebrate Christmas, you know that the holiday simply isn’t complete without cookies. It’s like celebrating Halloween without candy or Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Needless to say, cookies are a must around this time of the year. But when it comes to the “war on Christmas,” the latest controversy involves the name of a traditional favorite: the gingerbread man.

A coffee shop in the Scottish Parliament building is now selling “gingerbread person” cookies, and folks have some thoughts.

According to the Daily Mail, the decision was made by the Scottish government. The reason? To call out gender equality issues and put an end to sexism.

The switch came after 30% of the female ministers said that they’ve experienced sexual harassment. In response to these allegations, the parliament decided to make the popular Christmas treat gender-neutral by calling them “gingerbread persons” instead of “gingerbread men.”

As you can imagine, the change in name has caused quite the sir. Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative equalities spokesman said, “Surely the Scottish Parliament has got better things to do than worry about what to call gingerbread men?”

The Daily Mail also reports that a Scottish Parliament spokesman said, “They [the gingerbread persons] were delicious and sold out.” Hey, as long as they were tasty, right?

The Scottish Parliament building isn’t the only (or first) place to sell gingerbread people, though. It’s possible that you’ll find them at a coffee shop or bakery near you.

Twitter user @love2golf may be on to something. Gingerbread people might very well be the newest Christmas tradition of today…

In either case, here’s to hoping that you get to indulge in gingerbread anything this Christmas season.

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