Costco Is Selling Giant Lobster Claws That Are Really Freakin Creepy


Whether you have a big family or simply like to buy food in bulk, Costco is a literal dream come true. First of all, their rotisserie chicken has a cult following, and their food court is always worth the trip. It also doesn’t hurt that you can snack on samples while shopping and buy a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese. But according to Costco shoppers in California, the giant store has a new item that’s just a tad bit scary.

Costco is selling gigantic lobster claws that range from 2 to 7 pounds.

Last month, Instagram user @wine_country_foodies shared a photo of the enormous lobster claws at their local Costco. The caption reads,

“Makes me wonder how big the tail is?”

…and to be honest, we can’t help but wonder this, too.

One can only imagine how big the whole lobster was.

Instagram user @julesfood also recently shared a photo of a huge lobster claw.

This one came in at a whopping 3 pounds.

As you can tell by the picture, the claw is as big as the torso of the person holding it! Apparently, Costco is taking this “bulk food” thing to an entirely new level.

According to the Instagram pictures, the lobster claws are just under $50.

The photos were geo-tagged in Newport Beach and Rohnert Park, California.

However, folks have been rushing to their local Costco to see if they can find the monster lobster claws, too.

If you need to feed a crowd, it will obviously save the day.

Yet, thinking of a lobster that big is pretty creepy.

Can you imagine seeing one IRL?!

Costco has a knack for releasing supersized versions of everything, though.

If you need an oversized teddy bear, go to Costco.

If you love frozen yogurt bars, head to Costco.

Need one pound of Buffalo hummus? Costco has your back.

Thanks to Costco, you can also buy your toiletries in bulk.

Costco even sold 27-pound buckets of macaroni and cheese, and life will never be the same again.

And if you pick up a gigantic lobster claw, you can find butter in bulk too.

You’ll be all set for a seafood feast.

Otherwise, it seems like most people will have to enjoy the lobsters at their favorite restaurants.

If you can find the enormous lobster claws at your local Costco, don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us at @soyummy. Because we want to see, too!

Who knows when we’ll see lobster claws this big again.

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