This Couple Took Their Wedding Photos At Costco, And They’re Actually Gorgeous

Costco photoshoot

How many people can say a box of mac and cheese inspired their marriage? Newlyweds Jessica and Brandon Brown first met in the boxed pasta aisle in a Costco store in Waipahu, Hawaii. According to Jessica, the spark ignited shortly after she’d finished recording an Instagram Story on whether or not she should buy a box of mac and cheese.

“I was saying how I wish it was good for you!” Jessica told Costco.

Love What Matters/Facebook

(A very valid wish, I might add.)

Love What Matters/Facebook

Unbeknownst to her, Brandon had been watching her short Insta documentation the entire time.

Once she finished filming, her husband-to-be approached her and said: “It’s good for you. It’s cheese — and it’s Costco.”

Love What Matters/Facebook

The two exchanged numbers and had their first date three months later at a local restaurant where they spent hours talking, laughing, and watching sports on one of the restaurant’s TVs.

Love What Matters/Facebook

A few months into their relationship, the couple went back to the place it all started to grab a slice of pizza, and of course, a box of mac and cheese.

Love What Matters/Facebook

In hopes of savoring the moment, Jessica pulled out her phone and took a picture of Brandon reaching for a box of the cheesy stuff. She captioned the photo with: “Sometimes I️ take him back to where it all started … so he knows I️ can return him if he acts up 😂 #NoReceipt,” completely unaware that Brandon was going to propose to her that night.

Love What Matters/Facebook

One month after the couple shared their vows, they decided to capture their first moments together with a Costco-themed photoshoot (in the very same aisle the couple met).

“We didn’t really think we were going to do it, and we did,” Jessica said. “By the time we got to the aisle, there were different employees walking by congratulating us. Customers were shopping and laughing, taking pictures. Everyone was super-nice.”

Now, according to the company’s Facebook page, the couple sends their “Sunday Funday” grocery shopping in bulk, and Costco fans are loving it. (The post has received more than 15,000 reactions!)

“OMG, I met my boyfriend at Costco about six and a half years ago,” one Facebook user commented. “He still works in tire sales. I’m a lucky woman. Congrats to the beautiful couple.”

“Bringing people together one mac and cheese at a time,” wrote another. “Costco really is the best place on earth.”

“Aww! Congratulations! I met my husband at Costco,” another Facebook user added. “We got married in Hawaii, Maui. Thirteen years married with two beautiful children.”

Scroll down to see a few of our favorite shots from the couple’s photoshoot.

Courtesy of Lisa Rose Photography

If you didn’t have pizza from the store’s oh-so-famous food court, did you even go to Costo?

Courtesy of Lisa Rose Photography

Brandon parading his new bride down the mac and cheese aisle. 

Courtesy of Lisa Rose Photography

We love love — especially when it’s cheesy.

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