Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen with These Utensils

Keep the green circle flowing by changing the utensils you prepare your food with. This list contains safe and energy efficient kitchen products that will not harm the environment.

Steel Eco-Friendly Pour Over Kettle ($27.99)

This kettle will help you skip the coffee shop and reduce the waste from coffee cups.

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Ecolution Artistry Non-stick Fry Pan ($23.57)

Packaging is made of 70% recycled material. It is also PFOA free.

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Evolution Trash Bags ($9.95)

EPA compliant and exceeds its guidelines. By purchasing evolution trash bags you are contributing to the 53% non-renewable energy resources in our environment.

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EcoChef Bamboo Utensils ($24.97)

It is a non-toxic alternative.

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Caboo All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes ($9.99)

Made from a natural tree free organic bamboo.

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Green Gourmet Non-stick 6-Quart Stock Pot ($47.92)

The handles are made from 70 percent recycled stainless steel.

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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws ($7.95)

Using these re-useable straws you are decreasing waste effects on the environment.

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Resort Chef Cutting Board ($16.88)

This board is BPA free and FDA approved.

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Smart Cook Portable Collapsible Measuring Cups ($9.99)

These cups are made of non-toxic silicone, BPA free and FDA approved.

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 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Drying Rack ($12.99)

Made of all natural, earth friendly renewable bamboo.

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Organic Cloth Paper Towels ($19.95)

Save trees by using these organic paper towels.

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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Product ($7.90)

It’s biodegradable and infused with essential oils.

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Ecolution Mini Muffin and Cupcake Pan ($25.12)

Not only is the packaging made of 70% recycled material, it is also PFOA, BPA, PTFE free.

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