Ah! Dunkin’ Donuts Made A Huge Change That’s Making Everyone Very Nervous

dunkin' donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts — you’ve changed. Something fishy is going on with Dunkin’ Donuts’ signage and fans are getting nervous. According to Eater, the famous coffee and donut chain is in the process of dropping “Donuts” from its name. But, if we’re not dunkin’ donuts, then what are we dunkin’?

Some residents in Massachusetts have already begun to see the effects of the transition. In 2017, Dunkin’ Donuts began testing out their shortened name at several Massachusetts locations. As of August 22nd, Eater Boston reported that 30 more Boston-based DDs, and 20 DDs nationwide, will change to Dunkin’ by the end of the year. And it’s not just the name that’s changing.

In a January News Release, Dunkin’ Donuts — sorry, just Dunkin’ — announced they would begin to introduce customers to the “next generation” of Dunkin’ stores. The rebrand includes an open layout that uses lighter-colored materials, a more effective drive-thru experience, and cold beverages served on-tap. Basically, Dunkin’ plans to grow and modernize, which is never a bad thing. (I mean, just look at IHOP, which garnered a ton of attention after changing its name to IHOb.)

But our question remains — will there still be donuts?


Per Eater, yes. The donuts will still be a Dunkin’ staple, even if the name suggests otherwise. The chain also plans to expand their Grab & Go selection so you can get your snacks on the fly.

According to Business Insider, the name change might just be a phase. The company plans to reevaluate and make more permanent branding decisions toward the end of the year.

Listen, we’ll be the the first to admit that we hate change. But as long as Dunkin’ still gives us the goods — our caffeine and sugary breakfast treats — then the name change is okay with us.

If you’re the type who will love Dunkin’ no matter what, then their website recommends that you download the brand’s app, which is apparently the gateway to a ton of perks.

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