Dunkin’ Donuts Just Got A Totally New, Modern Look — And We’re Obsessed

new dunkin' donuts look

Just in time for summer, Dunkin’ Donuts has a whole new look that works perfectly with a season full of sunny days. Don’t worry, though: This isn’t a huge rebranding that includes a new name and logo that makes customers everywhere scratch their heads until it’s declared a publicity stunt (not to point fingers, but yeah, we’re looking at you, IHOP). This is simply a fresh new (but subtle) look, and honestly, we’re pretty into it.

The new Dunkin’ Donuts branding is getting a little bit of a modern twist, all while keeping the beloved pink and orange Frankfurter font that the chain has been using since the 1980s. According to Ad Age, the first changes can be spotted on iced coffee cups and the new Donut Fries packaging.

The packaging for Donut Fries (sticks of donut dough in cinnamon sugar, and yes, they are as good as they sound) will be “brighter” and “a little more playful” than what’s come before it, according to Sara Hyman, North American CEO at Jones Knowles Ritchie, the creative agency that has been working on the new brand identity.

There are two different iced coffee cups: one repeats the phrase “beat the heat” in bright colors, and one repeats “iced.” We can expect to see more new looks over the next few months as they get rolled out.

So what inspired the change? Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman said, “In terms of just the overall look and feel of the brand, I think it just needed a little love.” Speaking about the current branding, Hyman said, “It has an incredibly memorable and distinctive color palette, it’s got amazing typography. Despite all that good stuff, there’s work to be done. There’s still pink, there’s still orange, there’s still Frankfurter, but hopefully it just feels like a more fresh representation.”

So if you see Dunkin’ Donuts cups looking a little different, don’t be alarmed — nothing big is changing, the company just wants to spice things up a bit. And honestly, who can argue with that? The new designs we’ve seen so far are adorable and fun, and we’re always down for a little bit of rebranding that doesn’t change a look completely. It’s what keeps old companies exciting!

Wanna make your own donuts? We have the most delicious recipe that’s almost…kinda…healthy! (Hint: It’s made with apples.)

TBH, we don’t care what the label looks like, as long as we always have donuts!

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