Eggo Now Has Chocolate Waffles Stuffed With Chocolate, And Is It Just Too Much?

eggo chocolate waffles

We love waffles, and we’ll eat them any way we can get ’em. Chicken and waffle sliders for dinner? Perfect any night of the week. Waffle cones for dessert? Yes, please. But of course, our favorite way to enjoy waffles is in the morning for breakfast or brunch. And now, Eggo has stepped up their waffle game with CHOCOLATE Eggo waffles. Yes, really. Introducing: Double Chocolatey Thick & Fluffy Belgium-Style Eggo waffles.

Now, these are not your average chocolate chip waffles. Oh, no. These are waffles made with cocoa powder AND stuffed with chocolate chips. If you’re a chocolate lover AND a breakfast food lover, they’re basically your perfect meal. Just one look at the box and we can already taste the ooey gooey goodness.

You might be thinking, Rejoice! Eggo FINALLY makes Belgium waffles. But in case you haven’t stopped by the frozen food section lately, everyone’s favorite waffle brand already has quite the robust Belgium waffle selection. The new chocolate Eggo waffles are the latest addition to the Thick & Fluffy Belgium-Style waffles line, which already includes Original, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, and Blueberry.

Oh, chocolate Eggo waffles. What did we do to deserve you?! Breakfast will never be the same (in the best way possible).

With the release of the chocolate Eggo waffles, the other flavors received an upgrade as well, Delish reports.


The Original Thick & Fluffy Belgium-style waffles are now made with real vanilla beans grown in Madagascar. The Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor has even MORE cinnamon. And the Blueberry flavor has a stronger blueberry flavor, plus an added lemon zest. While you’re at the store picking up the new chocolate Eggo waffles, you’ll probably want to stock up on a few boxes of the other flavors as well. We think a taste test is in order.

So, are we excited about the new chocolate Eggo waffles? According to Delish’s Facebook page, some think it’s too much.


But overall, people are overjoyed at this news.





(We feel the same!)

Okay, so we’re a little obsessed with breakfast (obsessed might even be an understatement). Hence, our cereal-based layer cake…which we made in a waffle iron.

Breakfast has never looked so #extra.

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