“Game Of Thrones” Oreos Are Coming

game of thrones Oreos

If you’re anticipating the new — and final! — season of Game of Thrones on April 14th, we’ve gotten word about something that’ll whet your whistle as you impatiently count down the days. Well, at least it’ll please your sweet tooth: Game of Thrones Oreos. Yep, Oreos are coming.

You heard us correctly.

Because nothing says cookies like dragons, savage violence, and creepy familial relationships, right?

According to the wonderful Instagram account “candyhunting,” which posts news about all of our favorite foods — ahem, sweets — this GoT snack delight will debut before the season airs. It’s the same exact formulation as any other Oreo cookie, except that these ones have special GoT packaging.

Apparently, they’ll be available everywhere.

The package is black and grey and actually super ominous looking, with the show’s title font emblazoned right in the middle. The cookie’s image itself is dark and haunting, staring at you, beckoning you to binge watch the past seven seasons of GoT while munching away.

Forget your clean-eating regimen! 

As candyhunting says, “I really want to see these built up in the opening sequence. Winterfell, King’s Landing, Oreo package, the Wall… Or maybe Daenerys munching on some Oreos while riding Drogon.”

Us, too.

And over at Oreo’s Instagram page, fans are treated to probably the most dramatic cookie advertisement anyone has ever seen, let alone dreamed up:

It’s a smart marketing move, really.

Every single GoT fan out there is going to buy at least one, if not more, package of Oreos ahead of the night of the season premiere. A lot of us are going to have belly aches, but we won’t mind.

We’ll have Daenerys and Cersei and Jon Snow back!

This doesn’t seem like the official marketing, but we’re digging the crown. Nicely done.

Apparently, these Oreos aren’t the first example of the fandom going wild over sweet treats.

Someone made GoT sweets for a baby shower!

And here’s some more. Here me roar!

Check out this dragon scale cake. GoT fans are not playing around.

This is a straight-up crown masterpiece. We wouldn’t want to eat it, though. It’s too beautiful!

This chopping board is everything: Dinner is coming!

This Hodor, hold the door! pie is kind of sad. And probably delicious.

Apparently, there’s GoT wine, too! That looks fun (and epic).

There’s a GoT cookbook as well. It’s called A Feast of Ice & Fire. 

And here are a bunch of super clever GoT-themed foods. They look painful!

This is a red potion for the red woman: “This week we pay tribute to the Red Woman in Melisandre Part I, in which we craft our potion, Cherry and Vanilla Bitters.”


Look at this bread! Even if we were off carbs, we’d give this a go.

We love how serious people take GoT.

Invite us the next time you make your feast!


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