This Hot Dog Was Made Of Something That Will Make You Feel Weird

carrot hot dog

The weather outside has been absolutely brutal — but despite the heat, it doesn’t mean that anyone will be saying no to a hot dog. Sure, our beverages may cool down in the summertime, but nothing beats a hot dog at a barbecue. Or, even cooked in a pot is acceptable.

At least, that’s what you’ve always thought.

Back when I was a vegetarian, I always used to sneak a veggie burger on the grill. And family members made fun of me for it. It didn’t pick up the same colors as the standard beef burgers, so people could never tell if it was “done.” But, with this hot dog alternative, it’ll at least be safe to eat regardless.

That’s because the latest hot dog trend doesn’t actually feature a hot dog. It’s merely a carrot.

Now, you may laugh. But this carrot is highly convincing. And judging by some of the photos, it’s something that even the non-vegetarians and vegans out there might want to try. What can you say? Meatless alternatives are on the rise. Sure, the carrot hot dog probably isn’t as convincing as substitutions like the Impossible burger, but it’s arguably much healthier than the real thing. It’s a perfect way for anyone to celebrate the season.

The creators of the hot dog carrot are actually professionals. Remember the watermelon ham? According to FoodBeast, they take credit for that, too.

In case you forgot, it was a smoked “ham” that looked like a ham, but was made from watermelon instead. It went viral the second it hit Instagram.

The ham was served at Duck’s Eatery. The hot dog, on the other hand, has become a popular menu item at By Chloe, which has locations in both the United States and Europe.

The good thing about the hot dog carrot, also known as the “Carrot Dog,” is that it’s a filling lunch that will provide you with a ton of nutrients, like Vitamin A and Vitamin B6.

The carrots are reportedly smoked and seasoned, meaning that they may not taste like your standard carrot. It’s amazing how simple seasonings can truly change an entire dish.

And did I mention they look delicious? They seriously look better than any carrot I’ve ever seen before.

Still, not everyone is a fan. The New York Post wrote a pretty scathing review about the new vegan dog.

“By Chloe’s extremely terrible Carrot Dog is the vegan, fast-casual food chain’s latest effort to give them a guilt-free taste of what they’re missing,” writer Steve Cuozzo stated. “The hapless root is oak-and-maple smoked, salted to smithereens and further debased with garlic and oregano. The five-day curing and seasoning process yields a casing that supposedly mimics that of a real hot dog.”

Truthfully, it sounds like a review from someone who can’t believe that anyone would challenge the hot dog. Let’s just be honest here — your standard dog is going nowhere.

There’s likely not going to be a moment in this lifetime where carrot dogs replace regular hot dogs. But isn’t it nice to have options?

Plus, it’s always great to take a vegetable and find a new way to prepare it. Veggies are so versatile, and if you could be cooking them up in a tastier way, why not?

You also have to admire the craft. These carrot dogs literally take days to prepare.

That means that these weren’t just haplessly thrown together. Someone managed to take a standard carrot and craft it into something much better. Even if you’re not a vegan, you should at least appreciate the fact that people are still inventing new types of healthy food.

Thinking about creating your own carrot dogs at home? The good news is that carrots are fairly cheap, so you have some room to get the process right without breaking the bank.

But if you happen to be close to a By Chloe’s, definitely enjoy the real thing. They’re reportedly charging $6.75 per dog, and people seem totally on board with the trend.

Who knows what fruit or vegetable will get a radical makeover next?

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