Fruit Roll-Ups Teamed Up With Jolly Rancher For A New Candy-Like Snack

jolly rancher fruit roll-ups

If I can shut my eyes and attempt to relive 1994, my brain will go right to the elementary school lunchroom. I even remember where I sat — the furthest away from the hallway doors. Like me, most of my friends had their parents pack their lunch. But, our lunches looked pretty different.

I always had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — usually grape jelly — during those early years. Accompanying that was a small package of Shark Bites and a Squeez-It. My friends always seemed to have some variety of Fruit Roll-Up (if not its cousin, String Thing). Per table, there was probably five floating around on any given day. As we all grew older and made our way to middle and high school, those snacks matured a bit. But that doesn’t mean the Fruit Roll-Ups love isn’t still there.

The popular and nostalgia-inducing brand is still around, and they’re still making new flavors. Even though your lunches today might be with coworkers and bosses, you can at least enjoy them privately in the comfort of your own home. Or, just enjoy them loud and proud at work!

One new flavor, in particular, happens to involve yet another childhood favorite. In turn, they taste an awful lot like candy without necessarily being candy.

They’re Jolly Rancher-flavored Fruit Roll-Ups. How was this idea just thought up in 2019?

Remember original Jolly Ranchers? Aside from being somewhat of a (delicious) choking hazard, they were beloved by elementary school teachers everywhere.

Everyone had a favorite flavor, and that flavor almost defined them.

Jolly Ranchers have also branched out into their own thing. Remember their lollipops?

They’ve also been featured as Pop-Tarts flavors before. Which, weird — but tastier than you might assume.

So, it’s just about time that they joined forces with Fruit Roll-Ups. They’ll make the perfect dessert if you’re really missing the ’90s.

From the looks of it, the box of Jolly Ranchers Fruit Roll-Ups include both green apple and watermelon flavors, and there’s also a sour version available. You could even be daring and try eating both types at once. (But, I don’t endorse that.)

But if you wanted, you wouldn’t necessarily be wasting them. At Walmart, 20 Fruit Roll-Ups will only cost you $3.98 at Walmart.


Who knew they were such an affordable option? Aside from tasting good, perhaps that’s why they were so popular back in the day.

Upon hearing this news, you may be wondering if there have been other good Fruit Roll-Up flavors you’ve missed. It’s a valid question.

As General Mills reportedly began doing the research for these things back in the ’70s, the answer is yes. Fruit Roll-Ups have had a history both before and after their peak ’90s point.

Certain flavors that were once available include Tropical Tie-Dye, Sunberry Burst, and a SpongeBob SquarePants variety. Who knew?

Back in 2015, Fruit Roll-Ups actually became healthier for kids. Since they were under General Mills, they underwent a redesign, in which all of their artificial colors and sources were removed.

If you’ve ever wondered, Fruit Roll-Up and Fruit By The Foot aren’t the same type of product. The Snack History website stated that the mix-up happens all the time.

They’re both under the Betty Crocker label at General Mills, which probably just adds to the confusion. Gushers also fall under this umbrella, meaning that Betty Crocker has more or less dominated the popular fruit snack game.

Thinking about buying a box? You’re not alone. Having Jolly Ranchers work alongside Fruit Roll-Ups is like the equivalent of *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys announcing a tour together.


So far, they’ve been spotted in Walmart. Next time you’re shopping there, you’ll want to keep an eye out and save some space in your cart.

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