Kit Kat Has Already Released Their Easter Candy, And It’s Festive AF

Easter Kit Kats

Last I checked, the next candy-related holiday on the schedule is Valentine’s Day. But it looks like Kit Kat got a little too eager, since as at least one of their Easter products is already on the shelves. I’ll save you a Siri ask —  Easter is on Sunday, April 21st this year. And right now, it’s still January. Huh. (You’d assume this is because Kit Kat is excited about their holiday product.)

While the Kit Kit Easter candy was released last year, it’s currently on shelves at Walmart, according to Delish. But it’s kind of… dare I say, blah. Candy can take on many forms. Just look at Peeps — every holiday, they create a new and somewhat intriguing product. For example, this Valentine’s, they’re offering up something called a Lovebird Valentine’s Pop, which is a lollipop filled with red, white, and pink festive birds. They found a way to take their product and make it even more adorable for the big day.

In comparison, Kit Kit pretty much created an image and cut it into their already-delicious candy bars. They’re called Kit Kat Bunny Ears, and while the packaging makes it seem like any other standard Kit Kat, last year’s version proved to at least show a little depth between the chocolate sticks.

It’s not the worst thing to find in your Easter basket, but it’ll never reach the legendary status of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg or Cadbury Creme Eggs, that’s for sure.

Instagrammer The.Sweet.Foodie also found them at CVS and Target in March of last year. So, they might not be a Walmart exclusive — they may just be at Walmart earlier than normal.

Maybe it’s the fact that the bunny is wearing a bowtie that says “Kit Kat.” In my mind, the Easter Bunny would always be pretty impartial over the chocolate he gave out, but this seems like some sort of sponsorship. By the way, yes —  I know I’m reading too much into this.

Truth be told, a lot of people seemed to really dig them last year. And I guess that if you’re Kit Kat, you may have a harder than average time trying to create a seasonal candy. But, why not play with the shape a little more?

It’s exactly what Reese’s did, and now their annual release of peanut butter eggs makes people excited. They’re legitimately a big part of Easter. Can you imagine what a Kit Kat egg would taste like?

They actually do make a Kit Kat Easter Egg, but it’s not what you’d imagine. According to reviews, it’s just a thin chocolate egg with Kit Kats inside.


There’s also some evidence out there of a Kit Kat Chunky Easter Egg, which may be more like what I’m talking about, or a completely different beast altogether. I’m guessing they may have been available only overseas, because it seems like not too many people are Instagramming photos, which is the first thing I’d do if I came into contact with one.

Not cool, Kit Kat. All I ask is for you to make a solid egg every year for everyone. If people are willing to pay the $13 for the hollow egg above, you could imagine people would shell out at least $15 for an egg you can’t eat in just one sitting. (Unless you wanted a massive stomachache, that is.)

Come to think of it, it’s hard to pace out a Kit Kat. They’re just so good.

Here’s the good news. Even if you aren’t impressed with Kit Kat’s Easter offering this year, there are surely going to be a ton of candies you can enjoy instead. It’s just that nobody’s totally sure what they are yet, because Valentine’s Day junk food is just debuting now. Like, these limited-edition Oreos at Target:

And these Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day donuts. Probably the sweetest thing you could give to your valentine this year (literally).

But that also means that there’s plenty of time for Kit Kat to reveal something even better. It could even be something that’s already in rotation. Their standard Easter candy in Japan is called Kit Kat Easter Break, and they look like a totally different product.

A banana-flavored Kit Kat? Well, I’m intrigued.

There was also this Kit Kat apple pie product geared towards Easter. And it seems a bit strange, but something I’d 100% be willing to try. In fact, this looks way cooler than the Bunny Ears.

Maybe they’ll be represented more than one way this Easter. Who knows? All I know is that Kit Kat isn’t afraid to get experimental and crazy in other markets, and maybe it’s time they expanded their Easter offerings worldwide. Because if there’s any holiday out there where you can indulge in some odd treats, it’s Easter.

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