Krispy Kreme Will Be Releasing The Chocolate Glazed Donut… But Only Once A Month, And WTF?

krispy kreme chocolate glazed donut

The folks behind Krispy Kreme know what their customers want, and they also know how to drive them bananas. Let me explain. To celebrate World Chocolate Day this summer, the popular donut company released a very special Chocolate Glazed Donut. Not only did it properly celebrate the occasion, but it was also super delicious. Based on high demand, they decided to bring it back, but… it’s not going to be a standard in their lineup.

The company plans on stocking select stores in Canada and America with the donut during the first Friday of the month (which is today, by the way). But they won’t be refilling their stock in-between those days. That means that things may get a little competitive between you and your donut-loving friends.

The approach is actually pretty clever. If you want a special donut, you have to put in a little extra work for it. And by work, I mean you have to set a phone reminder.

“We heard our fans loud and clear and they told us they want more Chocolate Glazed Doughnut days,” Krispy Kreme’s head of U.S. Marketing, Alison Holder, said in the press statement, according to Delish. Hey — if it was available all the time, it wouldn’t be as special.

Just take a look at them. They’re so shiny!

Donut fans can’t help but rave about them.

Since we live in a world where it’s pretty easy to get what we want the same day, knowing these might not last long in stores is mildly infuriating. But still, it’s a lesson in patience. If you want to celebrate your month with some of the elusive chocolate-glazed donuts, you might want to set your alarm and grab them early.

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