This Woman Asked For A Mariah Carey Birthday Cake, But Got A Completely Different Person Instead

Mariah Carey birthday cake

Misunderstandings are unfortunately just a part of life that we all have to deal with. They can sometimes be funny, they’re oftentimes awkward, and sometimes can cause rifts between friends. However, one misunderstanding led to one of our favorite tweets of all time. A woman named Siobhan told her friends that she would love a Mariah Carey-themed birthday cake for her birthday celebration. But tragically, she did not get what she asked for. Arguably, she got something much more hilarious.

“My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake,” Harriet Alida Lye tweeted on June 14th. “They misunderstood, and [this] is the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie, looking very festive.”

Oh… Oh no. It can’t be. Oh yes, it can.

Rather than receiving a cake with Mariah Carey pictured belting a high note, Siobhan was presented with a cake flaunting a black-and-white image of Marie Curie, the Nobel Prize winner (in two different fields) who discovered radioactive elements, polonium and radium. Unreal.

These two women may exist on entirely different ends of the overall spectrum of people on planet Earth, but that doesn’t mean people can’t confuse them. Mariah Carey and Marie Curie do sound similar, after all. Right?


Twitter took this post and ran with it, and we’re all having too much fun with the confusion. At least Siobhan looked like she had a good sense of humor about the mix-up.

Her friends were probably a bit embarrassed that they made such an egregious error. But thank goodness they did because this is top-notch content.

In fact, we think the entire internet can agree with this statement. At least give them a Webbie or something.

For all they knew, Siobhan is a huge Curie fan. She just can’t get over the fact that Curie is the only woman to win the Nobel Prizes in two separate fields.

Or, perhaps they didn’t misunderstand at all. That is quite the hilarious prank, if true.

Others are just giving kudos to Siobhan’s friends for spelling her name right. That’s the big win here.

We don’t mean offense, Empress Carey. We just think it’s hilarious.

And although we expected a classic shady Carey clapback, we got something a lot better. (And funnier, too.)

Carey responded to the now viral tweet, and even gave Siobhan a shoutout. “This could’ve been me if only I hadn’t failed remedial math,” she joked.

Yeah, totally. Same here.

But, Mariah! Give yourself credit where credit is due.

Then again… There could be a larger conspiracy to unravel here.

We need to know — did this Marie Curie cake do more than meets the eye?

The puns are honestly too much to handle right now. This entire thread is a masterpiece.

Although it wasn’t what she asked for, we have a feeling Siobhan’s Marie Curie cake totally made her day. This year’s birthday will certainly be one to remember.

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