McDonald’s Is Shortening Its Late-Night Menu, And People Are Not Lovin’ It

McDonald's late night menu

It’s been a long time since I’ve devoured a midnight fast food meal, but I remember it being pretty comforting. It almost seems to add extra time to your day. While McDonald’s doesn’t have a clever name for such a thing, like Taco Bell’s “Fourthmeal,” they still strive to serve tasty options for people who are looking for a late-night bite.

The company just noted that big changes will be coming to the late-night menu. Instead of having a full menu available, they’ll only cut it down to the classics. For them, it’s an effort to save time and be more efficient. For us, well, we’re not lovin’ it.

Starting on April 30th, the only items available on McDonald’s night menu will be the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, All-Day Breakfast, and Happy Meals, according to The Takeout. Fries, sides, treats, and beverages from their McCafé will also be included. So, bummer if you were looking for a midnight Filet-O-Fish.

You might think that there’s nothing wrong with this, and upon first glance, you’re right. Obviously, McDonald’s knows what items are the clear winners during a specific timeframe.

But, there are plenty of people who depend on their night menu who aren’t necessarily coming home from bar hopping. Those who work a second or third shift might grab a quick McDonald’s meal on their way home.

So, what won’t be on the menu? The salads or any sort of chicken that isn’t in nugget form.

Even though McDonald’s isn’t what most would call health food, it’s a bummer that the healthier options won’t be available at night. It’s discouraging for people looking to build better dietary habits.

It’s also weird that McDonald’s is reportedly blaming speed for the reason for the change.

Since, when was the last time you went to their drive-thru at night and had to deal with a long line?

Unless there was a specific promotion happening, it seems like later in the night is a strange time to worry about speed and efficiency. That seems like a problem they’d feel more comfortable tackling during the lunch rush.

But still, sometimes there’s definitely a crowd. At least, according to people who took their disbelief to Twitter.

This change is one of many that McDonald’s has implemented this year. It’s crazy to realize how quickly the brand is growing.

Yes, it was always popular — but their focus seems to be sustaining their popularity with the new generation. Not only are McDonald’s kiosks available now for ordering, but they’re really pushing customers to place their orders through their app.

That means that every location has had to change the way they do business. The McDonald’s job may have gotten a lot harder based on having to check order statuses on so many different platforms.

But, it’ll be hard to push new items on people who have a limited window in which to get it.

Who knows if the midnight menu will change if a new item is publicized, but for now, it’s an attractive offer for those who usually stick with what they know.

It is pretty interesting that the Happy Meal made the cut. Unless we’re talking about a newborn who works their own schedule, most kids are in bed by midnight.

And yes, it’s a good choice for adults who just want something a little light. But, maybe there’s a business opportunity there for a similar meal that doesn’t include a toy.

At least all-day breakfast made the cut. If it didn’t, they’d probably have to change their name to avoid some sort of lawsuit.

Even though a McMuffin just won’t be able to satisfy the same craving as a McDouble, surely people will learn how to manage. It’s hard to pinpoint a McDonald’s menu item that isn’t delicious in its own way.

Plus, hey. At least they’ll always have the Big Mac available.

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