M&M’s New Cookies Are Everything We’ve Ever Dreamed Of

mini M&M's cookies

Someone out there is really looking out for us. According to Best Products, M&M’s Minis Cookie Dough is currently awaiting us in the refrigerator section at our local grocery stores. All one must do is purchase, break, and bake, and within minutes, your home will smell like M&M’s cookies (AKA heaven).

It’s unclear when M&M’s Minis Cookie Dough officially hit store shelves — it literally snuck right under everyone’s noses. But truth be told, it doesn’t really matter. This fantastical creation is here now and our lives are forever changed.

Each package comes with 20 breakable squares of cookie dough, meaning you can make a batch of 20 M&M’s Minis cookies with a single package. Or, bake one or two fresh in the toaster oven after dinner every night. Treat yo’self. You deserve freshly-baked M&M’s Minis cookies whenever you want.

Again, because it’s unclear when M&M’s Minis Cookie Dough was launched, it’s also unclear which stores carry it. So, you might have to do some shopping around at your local food shops. According to Bustle, the dough is seemingly available at Hannaford, Shoprite, Publix, and Walmart, among other retailers.

And we understand that it’s tempting to buy out a single store’s entire stock of this stuff, but be nice and leave some for others.

Don’t get us wrong — regular M&M’s cookies, either homemade or store bought, are delicious. But, M&M’s Minis… they’re just different.

We don’t fully understand what makes them so much better than their bigger counterparts. But we can’t deny that there’s a true difference in the flavor.

And TBH, the entire internet seems to be on the same page as we are. What makes M&M’s Minis so freaking good?

Like literally everyone and their mother has said, they simply “hit different.” What are the physics behind this?

Is it because things that are smaller are often sweeter? Are smaller candies simply more enjoyable?

Regular M&M’s we love. But it’s okay for us to not love you all the time.

It’s the tubes. It’s gotta be the tubes!

They just make eating the candy so much more enjoyable. Or disgusting. We can’t tell.

Maybe there’s some weird ASMR-science behind it. We love the sound of Minis. We love the feel.

We suppose it doesn’t matter why M&M’s Minis are so much better. They just are.

And the fact that we can get pre-made M&M’s Minis cookies, cutting out the hard labor of making them ourselves… It’s just too much for us to handle right now.

Of course we would never turn down the offer of regular M&M’s cookies. But…

We like what we like. And we won’t apologize for that.

So, don’t mind us as we immediately scoot to the grocery store. You can come with, if you’d like.


#HotGirlSummer? More like #M&MsMinisCookiesAllDayEverydaySummer. Don’t @ us. It’s a good hashtag.

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