The Cookie That Made You Want To Be A Grownup Has A Brand New Flavor

milano cookie

Even though it’s only the middle of November, all things winter and Christmas have been popping up. Decorations are out, trees are up, and holiday spirit is high. Even better than shopping for presents and taking advantage of those huge sales is all of the holiday-themed food. Hot chocolate, gingerbread, and peppermint are traditional holiday flavors, and although we can never truly be tired of them, we crave something new and exciting. That’s why Pepperidge Farm is on our radar right now — they just released a Cinnamon Chocolate Milano. No cookie has ever sounded so cozy.

Reviews are already raving for the new cookie, with some comparing it to fancier snickerdoodles or the cookie version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, according to PopSugar. Aside from the unique new flavor catching our attention, the Milano bags are decked out in a winter wonderland — white snow, trees, and green, red, and gold snowflakes against a deep red background just screams winter, and we could not be more ready.

Mmmm… Our mouths are watering for this cookie.

The new flavor keeps its classic, crispy cookie. But the inside is where the game changes — rich dark chocolate and a subtle cinnamon cream make up the filling. Cinnamon and chocolate are already a match made in heaven, but in cookie form, it somehow becomes the best thing ever.

Of course, Thanksgiving is still a week away, but these cookies make us want Christmas to be here already. ‘Tis the season for staying curled up in bed, wrapped in a warm blanket, while eating so many cinnamon chocolate cookies.

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