Oreo Finally Released An Item That Will Solve All Your Cookie Problems


A world where we can dunk Oreos and not have to fish cookie pieces out of a milky abyss is a world I’ve always wanted to live in. And now that’s finally a reality! Finger-tainted glasses of milk are a thing of the past, because a new Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set was just released, and it’s the best thing ever.

The kit comes with 13 Oreo cookies, two mugs, and a “cookie cage” to keep your Oreos attached to the mug, as stated on Walmart’s website. But the best tool in the box has to be the tongs meant specifically for dunking the Oreos without getting your fingers in the milk. It also comes with a couple of napkins, but we won’t be needing those for milky fingers anymore, just the occasional cookie crumbs. Every Oreo-eating problem is solved with just this one kit.

Fortunately, Frankford Candy released the product in time for the holidays, when people are going to want to stay in and indulge on our favorite treats.

Instagram account @snackbetch spotted a few at Rite Aid, but an official list of participating stores and regions has yet to be released — the team at Delish reached out to Frankford Candy to get the scoop (dunk?) on its availability.


We can’t wait to find out, so we can finally dunk our Oreos without fallen cookie pieces and milk-soiled fingers on our minds. And for those of you who are anti-dunking, now is the time to convert — you won’t regret it.

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