Oreo Is About To Get More Expensive — Here’s What You Should Know

oreo prices

When you’re looking for value, look no further than the Oreo. Typically, Oreos are pretty inexpensive — plus, they’re often on sale. But that might not always be the case. Rumor has it that both Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers are going to get a bit more expensive, which likely isn’t the news you wanted to hear.

The price increase was announced at a quarterly earnings call held by Mondelez International, which is responsible for both brands. They’re also responsible for Chips Ahoy and Triscuits, making them a pretty big deal in the snack aisle.

The increase will reportedly hit in 2019, meaning you still have at least two months left of the pricing you’re used to.

According to Food & Wine, Mondelez CFO Luca Zaramella was the one who stated that prices would increase on “biscuits, gum, and candy” during the beginning of 2019, which is an unfortunate way for customers to start the new year. They’re also looking at cutting costs with packaging, meaning it’s possible you might be getting less for more. “We believe that it’s the right move for us, seeing the overall environment and the way our categories are behaving at the moment,” CEO Dirk Van de Put said, according to the site.

While they never specifically named Oreo, it’d be a little crazy if the price of America’s Favorite Cookie didn’t increase a bit. Especially because ingredient costs are also rising.

The good news is, it doesn’t seem like the company is bumping up prices due to greed. They’re just trying to make sure they can keep providing the products we all love without risking too much.

Plus, let’s be honest — Oreo cookies are so good that a slight increase won’t stop the country from buying them. Especially if new flavors continue to be introduced!

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