Oreo Announced A “New” Cherry Cola Flavor That Has Left Fans Feeling Betrayed

new oreo flavor

It’s always fun to participate in contests run by snack companies, but Oreo is dealing with some controversy after asking cookie enthusiasts to suggest flavors for their #MyOreoCreation Contest. The winner was announced today, and it’s one you may have read about before — Cherry Cola.

The Cherry Cola Oreo has a filling that’s white, red, and filled with popping candy to give it that extra zest you’d get from drinking a cherry-flavored soda. It’s a good idea, which is why it won — and why multiple people suggested it in the first place.

Back in December, the brand announced that the three new flavors hitting shelves were going to be Cherry Cola, Kettlecorn, and Piña Colada (the latter would be of the Oreo Thins variety). Fans would then vote on which flavor they liked best, and be entered to win their own prizes for participating.

The brain behind the winning Oreo flavor was set to win $500,000. That’s nothing to frown over.


The company announced the winner as Eden F. of Winnetka, California. But here’s the problem — she wasn’t the only person who submitted the idea of Cherry Coke. A woman by the name of Taylor Young states that not only did she tweet in her Cherry Coke submission, but that she was contacted by Oreo with a package containing two Oreos of her very unique flavor.

Then, the communication stopped. No check followed. So, what happened?

According to Oreo, who gave a statement to People, there was more that had to be done. “As expected, many consumers submitted the same flavor suggestions, including ‘cherry cola,’ but did so in different and creative ways,” they said. “Knowing that this would happen, the winning submission was based on more than just identifying the flavor (as this Denver Colorado entrant has done), but also on the creative way in which the entrant presented the flavor along with other details about the flavor creation, as outlined in the official rules.”

According to Young, Oreo told her that her flavor was in the works prior to the contest. But if that’s the case, why was it included as a finalist?

A supporter of Young’s commiserated, claiming that while she wasn’t a finalist with her cookie butter Oreo idea, the cookie magically became a flavor that hit shelves months later. Interesting…

So, before you enter a contest with Oreo, make sure you know the exact rules — even the ones they might not be too upfront with. As for Cherry Cola, and Eden F., congrats!

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[fm_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdNhCMba0Rc"]

We’d eat all of these and have no regrets.

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