Oreo Better Watch Their Back Because Of These New Trader Joe&#821...

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Trader Joe’s always has exciting products. Even if they don’t live up to our expectations (we’re looking at you, upsetting carrot cake spread!), they’re still like nothing you’d find in your average grocery store. But these new cookies are above and beyond. And if you identify yourself as a chocoholic, you may want to listen up — especially since Oreo now needs to watch their back.

They’re called TJ’s Hot Cocoa Dunkers, and as the name suggests, they’re perfect for dunking into hot chocolate. Since the weather is getting colder (well, somewhat), that means it’s the perfect time to break out the Swiss Miss.

If you think you’re excited now, just wait until you hear what they’re made of. According to Delish, TJ’s Hot Cocoa Dunkers contain real cocoa. The cookies are also dipped in a chocolate coating and stuffed with chunks of chocolate and marshmallows. Really, it’s a cookie you can — and probably will — eat even if there’s no hot cocoa around.

If you’re a dunking fan, just know that these cookies were engineered with that act in mind. Milk also works if you’re looking for a cold snack.

“These easy-to-grip, chocolaty oblongs are long, slim, and super-crunchy by design; you can dunk with delight, free from that nagging fear of losing your small, disintegrating cookie to your tall glass of milk,” Trader Joe’s wrote on their website.

This reminds us of the limited-edition hot cocoa cookies Oreo came out with, but Trader Joe’s version honestly sounds way better. Cookies that were made for dipping in actual hot chocolate? It sounds like something out of a winter dream!

The cookie made its debut for the winter holiday, and while the world is hoping they’ll be around forever, it’s safe to say these are a seasonal product. So, you might want to stock up. The good news is that they’re affordable enough not to break the bank if you choose to do so. A 15-ounce tub of Hot Cocoa Dunkers will only cost $3.99, which is a pretty incredible deal.

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