This Photo Of Bread On A Train Is Leaving Everyone With Questions

baguettes on train

Hey, um, are those yours? A Twitter user named Helen snapped a pic of “+30 baguettes” riding solo on Chicago’s Howard Red Line, and the internet is now ablaze with confusion. Who left them there? Where are they going? Is someone going to pick them up at the next stop? We, along with the rest of Twitter, have a lot of questions revolving around the abandoned bread — questions we fear will never be answered.

“Did anyone forget their +30 baguettes on the train,” Helen asked in her now-viral January 22nd tweet. She attached two pics of the lonely baguette passengers and in just two days, her tweet has garnered over 28,000 likes and just under 6,000 retweets.

The great baguette mystery of 2019 has piqued everyone’s interest. Perhaps we have a baguette Banksy on our hands, making baguette-related statements here, there, and everywhere, with the aim to spark a revolution. Or maybe the baguettes are an Ocean’s 11-like distraction. Maybe something more sinister is taking place right in front of our noses but we’re too focused on the baguettes to notice.

Then again, the baguettes could simply be visiting their Aunt Sally off the Thorndale stop. We shouldn’t assume. We should just let the baguettes be.

As one would expect, Twitter is having a heyday with this tweet.

Some have theories as to who the culprit is.

Others don’t. But they do have something to say about the matter.

And kudos to Helen for giving us an accurate report.

Someone literally come get this bread. Please. It looks so lonely.

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