Everyone’s Scared Teens Will Drink This Detergent Because Of The Way It’s Packaged

detergent drink

In preparing for motherhood, people tell you all the things you need to know about babies. “Sometimes you just have to let them cry!” they say. “Get sleep when they sleep,” they warn. It’s all well and good, but there’s nobody pulling you aside to say, “Hey, buddy. One day, that innocent baby is going to morph into a teen. And that teen is going to think it’s a really cool idea to drink laundry detergent.”

As adults, we should really have some more faith in teens today. Teens are out there saving the world right now, starting protests and walks, and fighting for the world to be a better place. So, having the stereotype of “being fond of sipping on detergent” doesn’t really bode well. It’s kind of like how millennials are spending all of their house-buying money on avocados.

Still, when stuff like this makes headlines, it’s kind of a parental duty to pull your favorite teen aside and make sure they’re not huffing cleansers.

Tide Pods were the initial “snack” of choice for today’s teens, according to some paranoid individuals, but those must have been a gateway to pourable detergent. Tide just unveiled a brand new environmentally-friendly box, and since it looks a little bit like a box of wine, parents are already on the alert.

Now, this isn’t the first detergent with a dispenser. But since sometimes it’s hard for people to sense sarcasm on the internet, this box is particularly dangerous.

It’s taking away from the good facts, like how the bottle uses 60% less plastic than their standard bottle.

BuzzFeed reports that the box will become available to purchase on sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart this upcoming January, which gives all of us plenty of time to warn the teens in our lives, if we feel it’s necessary. Poor Tide — no matter how they market their product, it always seems to be misinterpreted.

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