Skittles Is Releasing A “Forbidden” Flavor Next Month


Do you happen to know how complex Skittles can be? Sure, you know them best as tasting what the world imagines a rainbow tastes like. It’s all in the slogan. But, like many wonderful things in life, Skittles have layers. And sometimes, they’re not afraid to unleash their dark side. Literally.

Ever since 2013, Skittles have spontaneously released Skittles Darkside, which claim to taste like the other side of the rainbow. If this is the first time you’re hearing about such a product, you’re in luck. Next month, they’ll be hitting stores once again. If you’re a little pessimistic about the world today and don’t think much good will happen in 2019, this is your candy.

Dark or not, these flavors sound pretty delicious. Included are dark berry, blood orange, black cherry, and midnight lime. But that’s not it — there’s also a  flavor called forbidden fruit, which may make you feel like you’re living on the edge. They’re the blue Skittles, and Candyblog has reported they taste a little like a melon-packed fruit punch, in case you’re curious.

Even though this might seem like a product that aligns a little better with Halloween, it’s pretty cool to know that even candy can go through moody periods.

The fun part about these Skittles is that you never know when it’ll be coming back — so, you might want to get your hands on them the second they appear in stores.

According to Brand Eating, these Skittles will be available in multiple sizes — 1.76-oz single packs for just under a buck, a 4-oz Share Size for $1.79, and also 14-oz full bags for around $3.19. But, exact prices will all depend on where you pick them up. And if you stock up early for Halloween, you’ll have the most unique candy on the block.

If you love candy as much as we do, we have a feeling you’ll love this So Yummy video:

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