Watch So Yummy Break The Cookie Frosting World Record On “Good Morning America”

so yummy world record

So Yummy is obviously passionate about cookies, but our cookie-decorating ability was put to the test this morning on Good Morning America. In fact, we took on a whole world record (the Guinness World Record, to be exact) challenge for the most cookies frosted in an hour, hosted by the show. Intense (and awesome), right? The previous record for cookies frosted in an hour was a whopping 1,435 cookies, set by One Hot Cookie, a bakery in Youngstown, Ohio. So Yummy was able to beat that record by 261 cookies, to hold the world record title.

In that time frame, the So Yummy team frosted 1,696 cookies. So. Many. Cookies.

Even greater than breaking a Guinness World Record was the real reward afterward. Along with a framed certificate, the number of cookies frosted earned $8,480 toward the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer foundation. But our very own Sharon Rechter, president and co-founder of First Media (So Yummy’s parent company), wanted to do more to celebrate the occasion. Instead of the original $8,000, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer walked away with $15,000 to go toward funding research and new developments in safer pediatric treatments for kids with cancer.

Watch below:

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Gretchen Witt, VP and trustee of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, found inspiration for the charity after her son, Liam, was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. Since then, Witt has never stopped making cookies to fund these efforts, which is why it was so special to see her and So Yummy join forces on GMA for this epic challenge.

There’s just so much celebrate here, we don’t really know how to process it all. But we’re definitely grateful and proud to be a world record-holder and to help out such a meaningful organization.

To learn more about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and make a donation yourself, click here.

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