This Preschool Worker Fed A Child Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Was Sued By Their Family

Taco Bell hot sauce preschool

A preschool in Charleston, South Carolina is facing serious heat — no pun intended — after an employee fed a student a packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell. As of Tuesday, April 9th, an insurance company acting on behalf of the preschool will pay $15,000 to the student’s family. Yikes. It is hot in here or is it just the Diablo sauce?

According to local news station WCSC, an employee of Sea Island preschool “improperly” fed a child Taco Bell hot sauce in November of 2018. No details were shared about what happened to the child after ingesting the hot sauce, nor the medical treatment the child received as a result.

However, a settlement was reached that states $5,000 will go to the parents’ attorneys fees and another $10,000 will be put into an account for the child which can be accessed when the child turns 18. As part of the settlement, the student’s parents have agreed to drop all other claims against the school.

As stated in the settlement documents, the child “responded well to treatment and has reached maximum medical improvement.”

Of course, the lack of details in this story leads to a lot of questions. How did the Taco Bell hot sauce get into the school? And why was a preschooler fed hot sauce?

And how hot was the hot sauce in question? There are levels to the heat, as any Taco Bell fanatic would know.

The real shame here is that this child is probably scarred for life and will never want to eat Taco Bell hot sauce when they grow older. That makes us sad.

And this child may never know the struggle of only receiving four hot sauce packets when you know you’ll need a minimum of 12. We’re sad!

Dude. You know what a “shit load” means. You know.

They’ll never be able to relate to this feeling. Never…

This employee has tainted this child’s “spice of life.” No amount of money can solve that problem.

The student will never feel the greasiness of a hot sauce-slicked steering wheel. Nor the sharp pain of hot sauce in a paper cut.

They won’t be able to steal hot sauce from Taco Bell to use on their homemade rice bowls. (Side note: this looks bomb.)

And they won’t get this thread. Or worse: this thread might make them cry.

It’s going through the trials and tribulations of getting hot sauce from Taco Bell that builds one’s character. It strengthens one’s voice to allow them to say, “I need more.”

And yet… thanks to this preschool employee, this child will forever be at a disadvantage.

Okay, okay. In all seriousness, we’re glad the student ended up being alright.

Preschoolers and young children should definitely not be subjected to hot sauce. It’s one thing to give a baby a lemon slice, and it’s another thing to drench their tongue with eye-watering spice.


For real, though — we hope this kid isn’t forever turned off from Taco Bell hot sauce. It’s truly the best thing ever.

If you’re reading this, young one, give hot sauce a chance when you’re older.

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