There Are Three New Kinds Of Goldfish Crackers, And They’re Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

Epic Crunch Goldfish

Back in October 2018, we found out that Pepperidge Farm would release a totally new Goldfish cracker in the New Year, and we were obviously stoked. But we were unaware that even better news was on the horizon. Pepperidge Farm’s Epic Crunch Goldfish, which made their debut yesterday, January 1st, aren’t just available in the “Nacho” flavor like we previously thought. We’re actually getting three new Epic Crunch Goldfish cracker flavors. Wow, 2019 is off to an amazing start.

You might remember that we described Epic Crunch Goldfish as a “mash up of Goldfish and crunchy nacho tortilla chips.” According to the Pepperidge Farm website, these new baked tortilla treats are bigger than the OG Goldfish and have a “bold flavor and big crunch.” That’s music to our ears. And in October, Instagram food blogger, Junk Food Mom, got her hands on the packaging preview of the Epic Crunch Nacho Goldfish, which looked divine.

However, unbeknownst to everyone, Pepperidge Farm has also released “Epic Crunch Ranch” and “Epic Crunch Honey BBQ” alongside Epic Crunch Nacho. Um — woah. We’re going to need to try all three flavors, STAT.

Several foodies got their hands on the Epic Crunch Goldfish flavors before we rang in 2019, and to them we say, lucky! The rest of us can officially grab our own bags at our local supermarkets nationwide, as of yesterday, January 1st.

Us when we get our hands on all the Epic Crunch Goldfish we can fit into a single (or maybe two) shopping cart(s):


Pepperidge Farm pulled a fast one on us, and we’re so glad they did.

Because the world with more Goldfish flavors is a world we want to live and thrive in.

They’re dependable AF and always there for us.

As you should.


You have our vote!

The absolute best kind of surprise.

If you’re a Goldfish fiend, then it’s time to join the Epic Crunch revolution. Head to your local Goldfish supplier to see how epic these new crackers really are.

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