Toblerone Came Out With A New Product That’s Making Us Scream “Take Our Money!”


When it comes to candy bars, most of them have a pretty standard shape — except for Toblerone, that is. There’s something so appealing about the triangles of chocolate that make the bar stand out from the rest. However… Toblerone is experimenting with yet another form — and let’s just say it’s going to change your entire birthday.

Toblerone is now available as a frozen cake and yes, it looks absolutely magnificent. The company that makes it, Almondy, is located in Sweden — but that doesn’t mean that the cake is only available there. Markie Devo, a noted food blogger on Instagram, managed to find it in New York. The treat is described as having a bunch of yummy layers that’ll make any cake lover suddenly crave Toblerones. Both milk chocolate and Toblerone chocolate are used in the dessert, per Devo.

In the slim chance that you’ve never had a Toblerone, you probably don’t know what you’re missing out on. Created by Theodor Tobler, its ionic triangles were said to have been modeled after the Swiss Alps. Its milk chocolate is also different from other bars, in that it incorporates honey, nougat, and almonds. Once you have one, they become pretty hard to resist at the grocery store checkout line.

The cake version looks just as appealing:

While Devo managed to spot it at his store, it may not be available in many mainstream groceries stores — at least, not yet. Still, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled just in case.

Even if it never pops up, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own Toblerone-inspired cake at home. It might not be the same, but if it includes Toblerones, it’s guaranteed to be tasty.

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