Twix Is Coming Out With A Speculoos Spice Chocolate Bar That Will Defeat All Other Candies


It doesn’t matter if you personally prefer left Twix or right Twix, because fans of the popular candy bar will come together in appreciation of the brand’s latest chocolate bar. It looks like it may be one of their most delicious offerings yet. There’s just one catch — this new Twix is only available in Germany.

Mars announced that candy fans in Germany might get a New Speculoos Spice (Spekulatius Gewürz) Twix bar for Christmas this year. If you’re unsure what it’ll taste like, here’s a hint: cookie butter. Speculoos themselves are a spiced shortbread that’s often eaten around winter holidays. But aside from the Christmas season, perhaps Mars was inspired by the limited-edition Cookie Butter Oreos that came out not that long ago. It’s a flavor that could easily complement a Twix. And well, any candy bar really.

Bustle reports that the bars will be on shelves as soon as October 8th. Candy fans in the United States are already planning a way to get their hands on them. Let’s just say, it might be time to register for an eBay account in case you don’t have one yet.

The candy is only going to be available for a short time. So if you manage to find a way to get your hands on a supply, you’ll probably want to stock up.

This news might just put you in the mood for a standard Twix. Because even though Speculoos has already been proven to be an instant hit with the candy bar (seriously — in a poll, 72% of candy fans said it’d be a solid combo), sometimes there’s just nothing like the original.

Let’s just say that we’re big fans of this candy bar over here, which is exactly why we created a Twix cake!

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