Why These Restaurant Owners Are Being Torn Apart For Switching Out Their Fries

restaurant fries

I distinctly remember the moment when Burger King changed up their fries back in the ’90s. Back then, it was a travesty — why change something that was never broken in the first place? Of course, it didn’t stop me from frequenting Burger King. The Whopper Jr. just happens to be my ultimate favorite fast food burger. Still, people feel super connected to fries, and that’s why every chain happens to do things differently with their own. Fast food restaurants aren’t the only establishments that face backlash over fry-related choices they make. Smaller and family-owned restaurants are often judged for their French fry selection, whether or not they’re know for it. Just ask the owners of Bolley’s Famous Franks in Maine.

The eatery, known for its hot dogs, always served their food with crinkle cut fries. But owners Leslie and Jim Parsons made the business decision to replace the crinkle-cut for straight fries, and fans have gone off the rails. It’s gotten to a point where they’ve been harassed over the choice, making the entire situation a little scary. As Buzzfeed reports, they haven’t changed the type of potato used for the fries. The only difference is the cut.

Leslie explained it all through a Facebook post. In it, she outlined what a few customers have actually done based on this minor switch up. And she also explained why the change took place.

Facebook/Bolley's Famous Franks

“The blades are ridiculously pricey and flimsy,” Leslie explained. “It takes many blades to operate the cutter and after sinking thousands, yes thousands, I chose to go with an alternative cut. They are still fresh cut daily. We still use the best potato in Maine. It is still a very expensive French Fry and our process minus the crinkle cut is still the same.”

It makes logical sense. Still, it opened her and her family up to a lot of hostility from patrons.

“I will absolutely not tolerate being sworn at, threatened physical harm to myself, my husband and children,” she continued. “It is unacceptable here at Bolley’s and should NEVER be tolerated anywhere.”

Commenters on the Facebook post stood up for the family. One user wrote, “It is a cut potato for crying our loud! Grow the heck up! If you don’t like the new cut – then cut and cook your own potatoes!”

Another wrote, “It is pretty arcane or trivial when someone gets all kinds of upset over something as simple as French Fry styles. That type of individual had issues that they need to seek help with and the get their heads examined. Wow! Why after all, a French Fry, is a French Fry. No biggie.”


Sadly, some people didn’t get the point and voiced their opinion about the French fry swap, which wasn’t a nice one to say the least: “business like yours just don’t understand and will never learn that you don’t piss off your loyal customers. It came down to you just being cheap and not wanting to pay for the new blades and then want to blame the customers for when they get angry for your decision. too late now.”

Hopefully the customers calm down and realize that the change happened for good reason. If a business wants to stay afloat, it’s ridiculous to keep sinking money into a faulty product. Plus, it’s never okay to make people who work at a restaurant feel unsafe, especially over the shape of fries!

If you’re ever in Maine, you should stop by Bolley’s. They might not have crinkle cut, but their fries will still be fresh and delicious.

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