This Woman Accidentally Created A Naughty Cake, And The Internet Loves It

vagina cake

At this point, there’s a good chance that you are no stranger to naughty cakes. You know cakes that look like something you couldn’t imagine an innocent cake would look like. It’s not uncommon to see a crazy and sort of inappropriate cake at something like a baby shower. Remember when Amy Schumer shared a photo of the baby cake she got? It featured a baby coming out of a vagina (pubic hair included!), and even, um, a butthole. It was intense, and it wasn’t even the first of its kind. There have been other similar ones and even ones that have totally mimicked a vagina!

It’s a whole genre, apparently.

But sometimes, someone decorates a cake meaning for it to look like one thing… only to realize it looks like something very, very different. In some cases, it’s just a basic cake decorating fail, or it looks like something else that is totally innocent. But in other cases, it can get pretty weird.

And this is one of those cases!

Allow us to explain how one woman accidentally created a naughty cake that captured the attention of the entire internet. (Shoutout to HelloGiggles for capturing our attention with it!)

It’s a pretty interesting story!

Okay, so here’s the deal: Back in January of 2018, a woman named Abby, who works at Nadia Cakes, baked a pink geode cake and posted it on her Facebook page to show it off.

The only problem was that it looked like, um, something else.

Do you see it? Because all of her Facebook followers immediately noticed that this pink geode cake strongly resembled a vagina.

One person wrote, “This gives a whole new meaning to ‘don’t stick your finger in the cake.'” Another person joked, “I’m sure these cakes will get SNATCHed up.”



Nadia Cakes took the conversation over to Twitter.

Of course, that’s where things got even more out of control:

People loved the vagina geode cake.

But what they loved even more were the responses the company’s social media person had to everything everyone was saying. Their top comment on Facebook was:

“*At manager’s meeting on Monday* ‘Well, once again we’ve underestimated our customer’s ability to see genitals in our baked goods. Let’s put that cute mushroom cake we had planned in the ‘do not make’ file.'”


Users on Twitter started following them just to follow the drama. We don’t blame them!

Other users made some, uh, inappropriate jokes. It was a good day for the internet.

Some people were even wondering why everyone thought it looked like a vagina.

They thought it just looked like a geode!

As the days went on, Nadia Cakes continued to take advantage of their social media fame. Look at this genius tweet!

And in March 2018, they decided to use that fame for good.

They started making and selling vagina cakes (which they started calling vageode cakes), with 10% of the items sold donated to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

It was a really awesome way for them to use their notoriety. Other people agreed!

In April 2018, GoldBelly started selling the “Famous Vageode Cake” nationwide.

It’s not cheap, but it’s kind of worth it when you think about it!

But the saga wasn’t over yet. In May 2018, Nadia Cakes made a very on-point DJ Khalid joke.

To be honest, their social media person deserved a huge raise. This is perfection.

A few months later, Nadia Cakes posted about the cake’s “boudoir” shoot. Amazing!

Today, you can still buy the Vagina Geode cake on GoldBelly if you want one.

And why wouldn’t you? Not only is it very funny, but it’s also very pretty!

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